Wish-List: Madcap! (Marvel, v1.6)

EDIT (29 JAN 2013): Popping back in to add a “collage”. May re-work the post and “bring it forward in time”, since I’m on a “Please make a Marvel Monsters & Villains set” kinda kick.

Marvel’s Madcap!  Rather obscure member of Captain America’s “rogues gallery”.  An unnamed young man gained his powers in a horrible accident: The bus he was riding in with his church group was struck by a tanker truck, which (of course) was carrying some super-secret pseudoscience chemical (being illegally transported by a staple Marvel terrorist group called AIM) that killed every one else he was with but gave him superpowers.  And drove him insane.  Yeah, kinda typical.


When you get right down to it, he’s another “trickster” type villain.  He’s sort of a spin on Batman’s Joker, but less homicidal, and with actual superpowers.  Still: Nucking Futs. In HeroClix, he’d be  harassment all the way.

  • He has a regeneration power on par with Wolverine, healing major injuries in moments.  He’s quite energetic and acrobatic, but not really a good fighter.  Relies on that healing ability.  HeroClix: Regeneration, possibly average to low Defense Values, average Movement but with Leap/Climb (maybe).
  • Damage value no greater than 1.
  • He also has a psionic (i.e., “mental” or “telepathic” or “psychic”) ability to make people act ‘crazy’.  Which is to say, he stimulates people’s brains, making them act like they are under a combination of alchohol and drugs.  The effect of the ‘craziness’ depends on the individual.  He needs to make eye-contact to do it.  HeroClix: Normally, under the old REV/U scheme Madcap would get Mind Control.  But, in the CUR/SR era of Special Powers, he could get some stripped-down version of the Special Power they gave Psycho-Man in SECRET INVASION (the “Control Box” SP).
  • Pretty good Attack value, or at least a modifier to his Attack value when using the “crazy power”.
  • Might want to build a range value into the power rather than giving Madcap a ‘hard’ Range value of 4 or 6.
  • Lastly, the bubble-pistol.  It’s just a child’s toy, creates a cloud of soap-bubbles.  (Cap at one point thought it was the cause of the “crazy-effect”, typical story twist.)  Maybe a an SP or even a Trait that allows the use of Smoke Cloud, but only generates on square of hindering?  I dunno. Anyway, could be a fun, lowish-point villain to add to the game.