Wish-List: Box (Roger Bochs, Marvel; v1.3)

EDIT (26 SEP 2012): Okay, dipping back into this old post (originally published 10 JUN 2011). WizKids is set to release the BATMAN set soo, which introduces the Vehicle mechanics into the HeroClix game. Also this year, we’ve seen additions and changes to the game, one of which is the addition of Split and Merge abilities for Duos, a development which could come in handy for box versions of Roger Bochs’ brainchild (Box I (blue) and Box II (red)).

Also, did another “collage”.

10 JUN 2011: During the 1980’s, I was a huge Alpha Flight fan.  The main titles I raced down to the local Lawson’s convenience store (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to hunt for were Captain America, Alpha Flight, and DC’s All*Star Squadron.  Ah, those were the days.  (Although, I can’t remember if AF was out around the time A*S was; yeah, I should wiki.)  Bill Mantlo really tried with AF, but the title was never the same after John Byrne left.  And I never really liked the Madison Jeffries version of Box.   Marvel Directory InfoLink: Box (I)  Roger Bochs met a tragic end. 

Anyhoo, Roger Bochs and his “psi-bot” Box.  Ten feet tall (the entry above says “seven feet”; lame!), but looking squat (kinda like AF’s Puck).  Robotic brute, just tough and strong.  Kinda “vanilla”.  Yes, the Madison Jeffries version we got back in MUTATIONS & MONSTERS is good and has some cool game mechanics.  “Why bother with just another brick?  HC is full of those!”

(1) Fanboy silliness: Kinda think Roger Bochs was shafted in his stories.  Yep, makes no sense, since he’s just a fictional character.  (2) Game Mechanics: Still rolling ideas for “Linked Mechanics” around in my head.  Roger Bochs and his Box psi-bot just seemed like it might be cool. 

Rough idea: 2 clix and 1 3D object.  If the Box robot is on your team, Roger must be as well.  From there, borrow and re-arrange an old idea: anybody remember Oracle and her “In Contact with Oracle” Feat card?  (I think I heard some HC vets do a collective spit-take.) 

Stick with me, here.  Repeat a key point: if you’re playing Box on your team, you have to have Roger Bochs on it as well. 

Option One: Box on the map, Roger Bochs placed on his character card with his detachable 3D object, the ‘psycho-cybernetic control helmet’.  Run Box as normal.  Potential “limitation Trait” versus scientists or psychics might have box occasionally unable to attack (“jamming” or “psi-lag” or something) those with that keyword, like a 2-in-6 chance.  If Box is KO’d, potential feedback damage (d6 roll; Roger should have 4 clicks of life, I think).  If Roger is KO’d from the feedback, looks like your opponent is getting victory points for both Box and Bochs.  If Bochs isn’t KO’d, he’s just removed from play, with no additional victory points awarded.  Box is a basic brute-type.  Decent stats, long dial (8-ish clicks), Super Strength, Charge, damage reducers, maybe Plasticity or Indomitable.  Through Box, Bochs might be able to use Perplex, but only self-Perplex Box, modifying two stats at once maybe.

Option Two: Box on the map, Bochs on the map (with helmet).  Roger can’t move or be moved during a turn when Box has taken an action.  But with Roger on the map, the “Limitation Trait” is ignored, and Roger can use Outwit, limited to 4 squares, but drawing LoF from either Bochs or Box.

If Bochs is on the map and gets KO’d, his helmet gets left in the square.  Box goes motionless (can’t be given an action).  From there, maybe a mechanic similar to the Mjolnir 3D object from HoT (but those with the scientist or psychic keyword could re-roll to attempt to take control).  If Box is KO’d, roll for that feedback damage for Bochs.  If Bochs is KO’d, he’s KO’d as normal and all victory points awarded as normal.  If he isn’t, well, he’s wheelchair bound, and his stats hopefully would reflect that.  But he should be able to use Perplex or Outwit normally.

So, hoping I’m clear:  Roger Bochs = controller of Box, source of Perplex and Outwit.  Box = close combat brick.

Could be fun to run.  Yep.   Box = 100 points solid.  Roger Box = 50 points solid.  Yep.  Could be fun.

After next year’s Avengers and “cosmic” sets, it’d be cool to get some sort of “monsters and mad scientists” themed set for Marvel.  Just tossing that out there….