Wish-List: Black Racer (of Marvel’s Serpent Society) (v2.2)

EDIT (2014-09-04): Dropped in a “collage” and another image. Otherwise, no changes. I should update this one, with a few more ideas.

Black Racer SerpSoc Mash-UpBlack Racer!  Another character wish for a Serpent Society member.  My opinion, Marvel has under-utilized a lot of villains, particularly the Serpent Society mercs and assassins.  Character Bio.

My current obsession after the release of the CAPTAIN AMERICA full-expansion and “gravity feed” sets is to get WizKids to publish some of these lower-powered, B and C-list characters as low-point “dual-dial” HeroClix, offering team-building options for characters that are likely to only ever get done in HeroClix once.

Black Racer is a “speedster”.  Power level, to me, seems akin to another Marvel villain, Speed Demon (who has appeared in HeroClix, back in the REV days fo SINISTER).

Would like a 45 point, 4 or 5 clicks-of-life version.  Attack values start at 9, never drop below 7.  Trait available for both of the “dual-dials”: Move & Attack ability, maybe with only a -1 penalty to attack instead of -2.  Or, keep the -2, but include a breakaway +1 or +2 modifier during a move action.

Given the character, both dials would be close-combatants.  So, maybe one “dual-dial” could have an IC-era Quicksilver or Whirlwind feel with an eye-popping speed value plus Flurry; can’t imagine a damage value over 2 for her.  Super Senses, 16 defense.

The other “dual-dial” could be more “modest” speed value of 10 with Charge.  ES/D or Combat Reflexes would be appropriate.  Maybe CCE.

Black Racer (Marvel Comics)
Black Racer (Marvel Comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For both dials, a dose of “cut and run” Leap/Climb on the back-half of the dials would be cool.

Role on a team would be harasser plus points denial.  Nuisance all the way.  At 45 points, might not seem worth dealing with, until you tick off your opponent with her.