Wish-List: Death Adder (Serpent Society, Marvel; v1.5)

Death AdderMarvel Universe Wiki entrySerpent Squad, then Serpent Society.  Very odd-looking character (like the Roxxon Oil Corp made their own villainous version of 1940’s seafaring vigilante, The Fin).  Mute.  “Artificially enhanced human”, bio-engineered and cybernetic enhancements.

Don’t know if I want to see him as a “dual-dial” character in HeroClix (à la the CAPTAIN AMERICA Gravity Feed generics).  He was a dangerous character, and can easily have a 7-click dial, maybe even 8.  

Given that he had above-average-bordering-on-superhuman strength (but not the kind to smack opponents with objects) and all of his aquatic enhancements, I wonder if he could be a {Dolphin-Transporter}?  That would be cool.  Plus, the access to the Move & Attack ability.  Leaves room on the dial for Plasticity, Blades/Claws/Fangs, maybe some special power Poison/Incap effect.