Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Copperhead (Serpent Society; v1.4)

Started a little poll over on concerning the Serpent Society and which members should get clixed next.  Copperhead got a surprising amount of support, in my opinion.  I’ve never thought much of him.  Just take a look at his file card up there.  Not too skilled in combat, relies on gimmicky weapons.  “Low-level tech-villain”, who (reading into the fictional construct of the Marvel universe) probably only settled on the snake theme because he was hired by Viper to infiltrate Sidewinder’s Serpent Society to facilitate a coup.  A commenter on that poll-thread I linked to above even takes a jab at how his costume looks similar to Sidewinder’s.

This seems like an opportunity to me, for WizKids and for Marvel.  Re-work the character concept, then make that version into a clix for the game.  Looking to Wikipedia, the North American snake of the same name is a venomous “pit viper”, a type of snake that also has heat-sensing organs to help it hunt.

So, the “poison” theme is appropriate.  Keep the short-range wrist blasters, ditch the “shooting fang” grappling hook and the helmet-mounted “copper-burst” flash grenade thingies.  I think we can keep the overall uniform, but either ditch the cape or shorten it to something that doesn’t go below the waist; should retain the body armor function (Toughness or ES/D).

Since he does superficially resemble Sidewinder, maybe he should get a derivative of Sidewinder’s Nth-tech teleportation tech?  Not any full-on Phasing/Teleport, more like an AlphaClix/HC Street Fighter-style “move two spaces and attack” type of Special Power or Trait, but maybe instead of a free action close combat or ranged attack, allow immediate use of Poison?  Point is to emulate a pit viper’s darting bite.  To that end, maybe a bit of re-use and tweaking of Slingshot’s SP (from the recent CAPTAIN AMERICA set).  Dart in > Poison > dart out, ignoring characters and terrain for movement?

Otherwise, normal stats for a mediocre fighter, maybe an oddball 3 range, maybe low damage coupled with EW or P/PB.  Should be lowish-points, not breaking 51.  Not sure he warrants any “multi-dial” or “multi-starting line” applications.  “Pawn”, with effective “Harassment” thanks to the “pit viper poison attack” or whatever you want to call it.