Wish-List: Cottonmouth (v1.2)

Marvel’s Cottonmouth!  Another Serpent Society member for the old wish-list.  (Gee, WizKids could about do whole ‘nother Captain America set…)  He falls under the “cyborg” category; his jaw and all teeth, and portions of musculature in his neck replaced, allowing him to enlarge his mouth when he bites, and bite down with enough force to crush concrete blocks or warp some metals.  I assume the fangs can pierce most body armor.  (I think it’s sometimes good for members on one hero’s “rogues gallery” to face off against a different hero.  I’m not finding that he’s ever fought Iron man or The Thing, though.  ‘Bout time he should, just for shits and giggles.)

So, “above average” hand-to-hand fighter.  Only “superhuman strength” he has is in his bite.  Although he’s thematically based on a type of “pit viper“, his bite doesn’t deliver any sort of poison.  Lost opportunity there, in my opinion.

As always, i think he’d make a competent low-point (between 35 and 45) character, one step up from “Pawn” to “Harasser”, making SHIELD personnel sweat.  Blades/Claws/Fangs on the cheap.  Nothing indicates it, but a single upfront click of Toughness could work for him, keeping the point-cost down while making him a little more of a problem.  The Serpent Society TA has been relegated to “Additional Team Ability” status, so he’ll only get the advantage of that if you pay the extra points to add it.  “Above average” fighter in HeroClix may or may not mean starting 9/17 trailing to 8/16 by the end of a 4 or 5 click dial.

Yep.  Needing more SerpSoc in my HC.

(Originally posted 2011-10-04)
UPDATE (2016-04-24): Cottonmouth vipers IRL [“in real life”] http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/ReptilesAmphibians/Facts/FactSheets/cottonmouth.cfm

Actually saw an action figure for Cottonmouth in Wal*Mart the other day, the comicbook version. New Captain America figures on the shelf, in run-up to the “Captain America: Civil War” movie.
Plus, Serpent Society and Serpent Squad members are supposed to start showing up in HeroClix this year with the Marvel HeroClix SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN set this summer. Yay! (Hope they get the “ID Card” treatment as well…)