Wish-List: Peacemaker (DC Comics)

A DC Comics character “wish” for the game of HeroClix today: Peacemaker. Here’s a collage I cobbled together from pictures from around the internet, and put in my “Album” over on HCRlms.com (please keep in mind that I’m not an artist, by any stretch of the imagination):

He’s a Charlton Comics character from the 1960’s, acquired by DC Comics in the 1980’s (right along with The Question, Captain Atom, and others). DC has been all over the place with the concept and the name overe the decades since. Not sure where they’ve ended up with him, Wikipedia is no help, and I’m not sure I care. Most of what they’ve done with him seem like “stunts”. (FYI: I hardly read comics anymore. Mostly try to keep up with Captain America via trade paperback collections, but I’m behind on those as well.)

I only remember him from two issues of the DC limited series from back in the 1980’s. I don’t remember what his Wikipedia entry describes, the “pacifist diplomat willing to use force” or the “founder of the Pax Institute”. I do remember the “thinks he’s haunted by the ghost of his Nazi death camp officer father” thing, and I remember not liking it.

Need to “boil him down”: In the 1960’s, he may have been perceived as a melding of comic book superhero and “007 super-spy”. I prefer to see him as a splice of “normal human of exceptional skill” and “super-soldier”. Dedicated, intelligent soldier, using some of the best tools, and adaptable. Can live out in the sticks on next to nothing, but not shy about using the latest tech. At home with both GPS and traditional “lensatic compass and contour map”. Special Forces x10.

Of course, in comics that can be taken too far, made detrimental. (Look what they’ve done to Batman; damage was done by both DC and “fanboyism”. He’s gone from being a “normal human of exceptional skill”, from a dedicated crime-fighter and detective, to being some sort of omniscient ninja super-scientist.)

Bottom line: It’s a nasty, brutal world. There are plenty of small and medium countries under the thumbs of dictators and warlords and their “gangs”. Sometimes not even whole countries; sometimes a small area within a country, which may have resources that entire country needs, but whatever passes for a central government is powerless to do anything about, and isn’t getting help from the “international community” because they either (a) just aren’t important enough or (b) influence by interested parties (private or public) may be blocking help, most likely for reasons of profit.

I see the Pax Institute re-imagined, and Chris Smith here as the latest and greatest in a line of “special operatives” in their employ. The previous operatives may or may not have been called “Peacemaker”.

Anyway, Peacemaker’s most useful tool is his helmet. I don’t actually like the built-in laser beam weapon thing. Would rather prefer to think of it as incredibly light-weight & durable commo -suite/database/sensor array.

Then on top of that, the modern soldier’s “modularity”: sometimes he’s in very lightweight (possibly non-bulletproof) uniform/body armor, sometimes in more “robust” protection. Sometimes using conventional firearms, sometimes cutting-edge energy beam weapons.

But, I don’t see him as bloodthirsty. Attempts to hold himself to a code. In favor of the kind of work he does, because it can be more “surgical”, involving less collateral damage than carpet bombing (or even modern drone strikes), or large-scale “boots on the ground” invasions (which get followed by occupations that may end up causing more long-term problems).

Haven’t seen this new TV stuff DC is trying with “DC Nation”, but given Marvel’s and DC’s cartoon successes, hope to see Peacemaker pop up here and there.

Anyway. Would like to see him in HeroClix. Wonder if WizKids can do a “Multiple starting line” and a “split-dial option” on the same figure? MSL could be 60/50 points (6 and 5 clicks of life) and the alternate 50-point “split option” could be a Checkmate lynchpin?

Dunno. But, appropriate powers: Stealth, RCE, CCE, PPB, EW; all manner of damage reducers depending on the armor; SmC; maybe SC; he’s used a jet-pack so either the {Wing} speed symbol or a Trait ability allowing use of the Flight ability; ESD, CR; L/C; Charge, RS. Basically, depending on how he’s interpreted he could qualify for 80% of the PAC. Special Powers? The mind boggles. I’m a fan of the LE Venom’s “Airdrop” SP.

It all depends on what role a designer imagines PM will play on a team. (Which is why I suggest the combo of “multiple starting lines” and “split-dial” tools.)

Peacemaker #1 (March 1967), cover art by Pat B...
Peacemaker #1 (March 1967), cover art by Pat Boyette. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)