Wish-List: Knights of Wundagore (v1.6)

EDIT (28 SEP 2012): “Clean up” time. Was in a rush to post this yesterday, and it showed.

Been on a “collage-making” kick lately. Making ’em, dropping them into old posts here (and noting the revision appropriately), and putting them into my “profile album” over on HCRealms.com.  Decided to revisit the Knights of Wundagore, which I’d only touched on over in my HCR album.

Also, as a bit more of a “preamble”, WizKids is debuting its new Vehicle rules in the up-coming BATMAN HeroClix set. After that set, there’s a follow-up CTD (“Counter-Top Display”) set, a mix of single-figure and 3-figure blind booster packs, called BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM. We’ve seen this done before, with one of the 2011 AVENGERS MOVIE releases, where the 3-figure packs had (1) characters not found in the single-figure boosters within the same release and (2) they were a thematically consistent “theme”.

Looks like in STREETS some of the 3-figure boosters won’t have three figures, but one Vehicle and one “rider” (or “Pilot”, under the new Vehicle rule  mechanics). So far, we (the fans) have only seen Huntress and her “peanut-based” motorcycle.

For more info, recommending that you not only visit www.heroclix.com but also HCRealsm.com’s “The Evidence: Index” thread for links to other “evidence collection” threads. Some of the most recent and exciting info has come out a dinner slideshow for retailers done by Alliance Games Distributors. Like this shot — http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=326&pictureid=24492

I’m excited. Love the Vehicles concept. Love the possibilities. Including expansions of the concept. Mentioned the potential for “giant-robots as Colossal “Pilot-required” Vehicles, I believe. 🙂 And, I assume more multi-purpose “generic” vehicles, like more motorcycles. Maybe Vehicles that are also “Animal” characters, like the winged, Pegasus-like mounts of characters like Black Knight and Dreadknight.

Speaking of “Knights”…

The Knights of Wundagore!! Members of the New Men, a “race” of artificially evolved animals created by one of the creepier and obsessive Marvel personalities, the High Evolutionary.

The High Evolutionary made it into the game (finally) a few years ago in the MUTATIONS & MONSTERS set. A good, playable clix. Since his entry, though, WizKids has also introduced the concept of “Minions”. And a lot of “leader” type characters since have recieve Special Power-sporting “Minions” of thier own.

Mostly, I just would love to have some Minions for the High Evolutionary in the game. My thought originally was the Knights would be great to have these generics, maybe as Uncommons, split-dial style, so you could choose between ranged combat focused or close combat focused roles.

Now that WizKids is introducing Vehicles, they ought to break out that FANTASTIC FORCES era Atomic Steed mold and a double base, make some Atomic Steed vehicles. Pilots for the Atomic Steeds: Again, maybe making use of “split-dial” designs?

To re-hash: WizKids has a couple of design techniques it’s been getting plenty of mileage out of lately: “Multiple Starting Line” dials and “Split-Dials”. The “MSL’s” are one continuous dial, sub-divided by alternate starting lines, offering a selection of point-cost options. Example: GG#045 Thanos from GALACTIC GUARDIANS, with starting lines for 300 points and 150 points.

The “Split-Dials” tend to have two separate starting lines, each for the same point-cost. Example: GG#014 Astral Dr. Strange, costing 13 points with two starting lines to choose from.

Ideas for the Knights of Wundagore: Two characters, as in two separate figures. Sculpts based on two different Knights. Each figure has a “split-dial”. One “life” is a representation of the character the sculpt is based on, selection of power to reflect both the character and a role for him on a HeroClix team; the other “life” would be more of a “generic”, a “Minion” special power design, but a similar combat role on a team. By “combat role” I mean close combat or ranged combat “focused”.

So, two Knights figures, each with a “split-dial”, one a close combat piece and the other a ranged combat piece, all capable “Pilots” for atomic steeds.

I don’t know. It’s worth exploring.


Wish-List: “Armored Sandman” (v1.2)

Well, with this week’s leak of a Marvel HeroClix AMAZING SPIDER-MAN set due to hit in the first quarter of 2013, I’m putting this “collage” up of an “armored spin” on Sandman. This “armor” (actually revealed to have been made by FF tech-foe, The Wizard) was sort a “utility belt” for Sandman, containing stores of various chemicals he could mix with his sand to produce various effects. Upped his power-level for a time, so he could hang with Wizard’s “Frightful Four”.

Would like to see this version. Could have some crazy effects in the game. WizKids has been experimenting both with characters producing  “Battlefield Condition”-like effects and experimenting with “bystander token generation” and “detachable/removable item” mechanics.

Wish-List: The “Terrible” Tinkerer (v1.1)

Man, WizKids has been rolling like thunder this year. The 10th ANNIVERSARY sets just hit, TabApp clix are on the shelves at Toys ‘R’ Us, and latest news appearing over at the HCRealms.com site is the “sell sheets” for the January/February release of … (wait for it)… Marvel HeroClix AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!!

The 2010 release of the WEB OF SPIDER-MAN set really only wetted the appetite. Some excellent additions to the HeroClix assortment of “Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery”, though. Cardiac, Puma, Prowler, Molten Man, Will-O-the-Wisp, Chameleon (finally!), Vermin, Jackal, the Spot, and others, including some re-makes of Doc Ock, Sandman, Mysterio, Scorpion, Green Goblin.

Still, there were some notable absences. No re-makes of The Lizard or Rhino, for example.  and considering what a thematically fun piece Jackal is, I was disappointed that {The Terrible} Tinkerer didn’t show up.  But, you know what? Maybe it wasn’t his time.

Now may be the time.  We shall see. We’ll also see if game design took into account the new Vehicle mechanics. What with Tinkerer building the first “Big Wheel” assault vehicle in the comics, and being so handy with weapons and gadgets, I really hope he can “heal” vehicles. I also expect him to be able to “heal” only characters with Armor and Robot keywords. Given what WizKids Designers have done with recent figures like {Deadly} Nightshade, Jackal, the Barons Zemo, the various versions of Hank Pym (one of which sports a special power called “Tinkerer Supreme”) and Egghead, I’m really stoked at the possibilities for Tinkerer.

We shall see, we shall see…