Wish-List: Professor Power (and the “Secret Empire”) (v1.2)

Professor Anthony Power, a Marvel supervillain. A very “Right-wing” leading American, history professor, and one-time advisor to one of the Presidents of the United States of America. You think he’d be a patriotic character.

He is, kinda. At some point he went a little “myopic”; he believes there will only be peace in the world if America conquers it, and since he thinks most Americans would object, he’s decided he must first conquer the USA in order to then lead America towards global victory.  He’s formed several groups over the years, including an iteration of the “Secret Empire”, and that version’s Number One.

And this guy debuted back in the 1980’s. His son was a Viet Nam war vet, traumatized by the war. Through the usual string of convoluted comic book events, the Prof ends up having his own mind transferred into his now-catatonic son’s body, and that gets encased in a not-fully-protective suit of powered armor. (“Not the face, not the face!” Ha! Nah, he never said that in the comics.)

Okay, so, as a HeroClix,…. Power wise he be a run-of-the-mill “strategic genius” spliced with “Iron Man-lite”. Game has plenty of Iron Men and armored characters, so examples are pretty prolific. “Armored”: Damage reducers for the armor, Charge or Running Shot, Super Strength, various Ranged Powers. “Genius”: Outwit, Probability Control, Perplex, yadda, yadda, yadda.  So, what would set him apart, what’d be cool? He’d have to be a Leader of a Secret Empire of his own making. Thinking along  the lines of what WizKids did for Baron Helmut Zemo in the CHAOS WAR set.

Wondering if we could have a Secret Empire generic? Not the “Roman Legion” looking goons the SE uses, but the hooded-higher-ups. Thinking: use of the “split-dial” technique, but with two point costs. NOT the same thing as the “multiple starting line” technique, not exactly. One dial design over on one part of the dial, to represent other SE higher ups, the “generic” of the two designs to be on the one dial. A “utility/support” piece, similar in power set to the DC 75th ANNIVERSARY set’s Dominator pieces, but cheaper, maybe with 3 clicks of life.

The other design on the dial? Longer life, higher points, similar to the “generic”. Twist? This one will be Number One, and be able to Alter Ego into a version of the armored-up Professor Power. (A sort of “grand reveal” kinda thing.)

The Professor Power doesn’t need to be a “multiple starting line” piece, aside from the AE option, but it’d be cool if he was.

As far as the “generic footsoldiers”, the mercenaries these types usually employ? Well, I’ve been wanting some generic, paramilitary-looking pieces for awhile. And the comics are replete with them, in various colors of costumes. Did an entry or two on such, right here on this blog. Or, just make the SE footsoldiers from the comics. I remember “Roman Legion” looking guys with assault rifles and/or off-the-shelf comic book energy blasters, or the hooded blue-and-purplish uniformed guys, similarly armed.

But, if WizKids didn’t go that route, again, “recruitment”. Similar to CW Baron Zemo’s “Thunderbolts Gambit” Trait Ability, which grants keywords. Would have to be different, obviously, maybe a combination of restrictions on the point-cost or number of recruits to a team, based on how many Prof. Powers and Secret Empire pieces you have. Prof. Power could provide the keyword to up to 3 characters, provided they were all less points. Same for the “Number One” side of the SE “generic” dial; 2 “recruits” for the lower-point SE “generic”.


Now all we need? A version of the original Moonstone, the guy who worked for the Secret Empire at one point, before Dr. Karla Sofen killed him.

I’ll have to read up on the original and current Moonstones. Got their powers from some “cosmic artifact”, a “Moonstone”. He looks a bit “Kree” doesn’t he? I wonder if — like the Nega-Bands — the Moonstone is a Kree super-weapon? Hmm. Time to go look. A “Moonstone” would be a cool 3D object or “relic” for the game…