Wish-List: Termite (v2.2)

EDIT (10 OCT 2012): Okay, re-working an older post. This one was originally posted 09 JUN 2011. Wanted to re-write some spots, add in another “collage”, and toss out some ideas for the character concept. Maybe he could be useful in a minor way in animation?


Termite!  Okay, not a major character. Today I’m dredging up this semi-lame villain.  Bit of a one-trick pony with his “disintegrating touch” and his Ant-Man like costume.  I say “semi-lame” as I liked the overall concept of the powers, uniform, his role as a low-powered but dangerous industrial saboteur. Didn’t like the mutant aspect. Should have been another tech-based foe for Iron Man, or some variation on DC’s Human Bomb. “Dear Marvel”: Still potential for this villain concept. Info-Link on the character: Termite.

HeroClix: The game still needs plenty of simple, low-point hero and villain options, between 20 and 50 points.  “Point-Rounders/Pawns”.  In recent years, HC design has definitely trended towards “efficiency”, making characters as effective as possible for the points you pay.  They’ve done a pretty good job of trying to find that balance between “character accurate” and “{x} fills out {y} role on a team”.  And for all the cries by players about perceived “power creep” there’s been a fair amount of “compression”; while stats and number of powers on the dial may seem to have increased and while point-costs may have gone up, there also seems to be less clicks of life on a clix.  Not a bad thing.  In a way, can help balance out another area of the game, the time it takes to play.

Anyway, Termite here had a disintegrating touch.  Air-supply in his helmet, used his d-touch to tunnel into places.  Obviously, a “silver bullet” type of villain that appears to specifically counter Iron Man’s “invincible” armor.

Plenty of effects already in the game, from Exploit Weakness to a bunch of wall/terrain/object destroying and a few tunneling special powers and traits that could be put on this guy.  It would be nice to have a “tunneller” that could leave “permanent” short tunnels all over the map. He leaves a square using this “tunneling” power, you leave a Special marker in the square, maybe one or two debris markers as well. He pops up upto 8 squares away, also leaving a Special marker and one or two debris markers. The Special tokens could now be used in a similar fashion to the old “Teleport Pad” Special Object Token from way, way back in COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

Other characters could “collapse” the tunnels, as in close the opening. They’d need to be occupying or adjacent to the square, need to be able to use Super Strength or Quake, and be given a power action to remove the Special marker, leaving another debris marker in its place.

Also, there’s the ever-useful ability to destroy walls and blocking terrain. That’s made it onto a few figures in the past.

(Aside: Been wanting to see a remake of Armadillo from the CAPTAIN AMERICA set with just such a “tunnelling” power. Hint, Hint. Tried to combine the effects of the Teleport Pad and SI Mole Man’s “Lord of the Tunnels” SP, just stripping out the Carry portion.)

I think such a Termite would need to be Unique. Yes, I still want him to be well under 50 points.



Okay, the original, the mutant named Neil Donaldson, is both powerless now and incarcerated. But, that doesn’t need to be the end of the Termite identity. Marvel has a lot of “legacy villains”, whose shtick has been passed on to the next villain. Termite could be one. Like I said, he’d be a decent “tech-villain”/foil. Minor, but still. Need to see him work. Solo or with a group.

The “disintegrating” tech could be a derivative of the Melter’s older gear. The guy occupying the Termite duds doesn’t have to be the “inventor” of the tech he uses. Just a user. Like I’ve suggested before for other minor villains, a lot of these identities could be “intellectual properties” that are “rented out” to minor wannabees by such higher-up Marvel villains as the Taskmaster, Spymaster, Justin Hammer, or the “Terrible” Tinkerer.

We’ve seen what can happen when the less-than-noble get their hands on Pym particle-manipulating tech as well, from Rita “Yellowjacket” DeMara to Eric “Ant-Man” O’Grady. Shrinking would be a neat addition to Termite’s power set. Something cool for the comics, the cartoons, and the clix.

Need to keep the Ant-Man style helmet. And the green/blue/gray color scheme. Maybe tweak the costume a bit to resemble the last version of the Scott Lang’s Ant-Man uniform? That had a bit of a modern “utilitarian/paramilitary” look to it.