Wish-List: H.E.R.B.I.E. (v1.2)

EDIT (11 OCT 2012): Originally posted on 05 DEC 2010. Popping back in to add a “collage”. I may actually re-post this one, update it a little bit. Would still like to see this little guy in the game. Now that we will have Vehicles in the game, it would be cool to have “repairers” for them. 🙂

The game of HeroClix can cause strange…. “Cravings”.  Characters you couldn’t care less about, or that you might have disliked before, suddenly have your brain stem tingling, possibilities for the game get considered.  H.E.R.B.I.E. is one of those for me.  I am not going to go into this “character’s” history.

Wrote about wanting H.E.R.B.I.E in HeroClix form before, on a dismantled blogspot blog.  Special Powers were still new to the game then.  Wanted a generic low-cost army-building robot, fodder that could repair walls or move objects around (but not use them in combat).   A lot of characters out there now have special power effects that can reassemble walls from rubble tokens or remove objects from the game or “steal” objects from opposing characters’ grasp.

(EDIT, 11 OCT 12: There’s also the possibility of “breaking down” objects into multiple standard objects, which we saw with a version of Firestorm as far back as JUSITICE LEAGUE. We also have “Ultra-Heavy” objects in the game now. Could a “team” (two or more) HERBIEs move an UHO? Plus, there’s some potential here to make a “silver bullet” design with special abilities versus other Robot-keyworded characters, or characters with the “Armor” keyword, or countering/ignoring the effects of certain Special Objects.)

Could be fun.  And, back in April I was opining about what I was calling the “MODOK-S” from Captain America: Reborn, and potential for a new game mechanic: making the first slot of “K.O.” not the usual KO symbols, but the “Gear” symbol used for special object. Seems like a good idea here as well. Imagine: 5 turns into the game, the husks of multiple H.E.R.B.I.E.s litter the map, on their Gear/KO slots. They can now be used as light objects by characters with Super Strength. Or, maybe have another H.E.R.B.I.E. unit going around “repairing” them (robot keyword restricted use of the Support power).

Could be fun.  Give H.E.R.B.I.E. the FF TA as well.

Also, WizKids: We’d need Franklin “Tattletale” Richards, too.  🙂

EDIT, 11 OCT 12: WizKids has a “Marvel Horror” sub-theme coming up in February’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN set. I continue to hold out hope that they will do a full-on “Marvel Monsters” themed set. Such a set could include more Fantastic Four characters, and HERBIE here could fit right in.

Cupid's CapersEDIT (06 OCT 2012): Popped back in to update the title of the post to my “current standard” and remove a bunch of pictures. will probably add in one of my “collages” later. In the meantime, the “Recommendations” editing widget suggested the bit of “cheesecake” above. Enjoy. 😉