Wish-List: Slyde (v1.2)

Slyde! Minor Marvel super-villain. I’ll leave the bios to all the Wikis out there and just provide a thumbnail: Disgruntled chemical engineer with a break-through discovery, keeps it to himself, eventually turns to crime to both fund his own experiments, provide for himself, and thumb his nose society. I used to have his initial appearances (before I gave them to charity), and apparently he’s dead now. “Dear Marvel Editorial: Wow, what a waste.”

Athletic and smart. Doesn’t exactly fall under “normal human of exceptional skill”, not like, say, Batman or Hawkeye. Not a blood-thirsty sort. At one point he carried a sword, and it sounds like he didn’t really use it. Had a bit of the “anti-hero” in him; yeah, he was motivated by pride and selfishness, but he didn’t seem willing to engage in murder or just hurting people in general, and generally stuck to crime that seemed to me as “subsistence level” and would stick a thumb in the eye of big international companies and banks. Puts him in with the likes of another Spidey foe, the Vulture, but Slyde isn’t as much of a dick as Adrian Toomes. (Toomes is a bastard.)

Would love to see him in HeroClix. Although a minor villain, we could do some fun stuff with him. Is he a primary attacker? No. Probably not a secondary attacker. Not exactly “tie-up” either. So, how about “harasser” spliced with a bit of “support/utility”?

  • Improved Movement, able to ignoring hindering terrain and all characters.
  • Speed values have to be below typical “speedster” values (he’s not super-human) but better than most normal-human characters, and most likely steady down the dial.
  • Trait ability allowing use of Plasticity, but only when he breaks away.
  • Speed slot Special Power allowing use of the Move & Attack combat ability.
  • Either Energy Shield/Deflection or Super Senses in the defense slot.
  • Defense values should never drop below 16.
  • Would like to see some sort of s.p. for him, that when an opposing character ends a move in a square adjacent to Slyde, he can make a break away roll as a free action; if he succeeds, Slyde may either move up to one square or be placed in any legal square adjacent to the opposing character. So, he could slide (ha,ha) just out of reach, or slip to one side (a way to mess with lines-of-fire).
  • Incapacitate, maybe.
  • Attack values probably shouldn’t go passed 9, unless maybe while using Incapacitate.
  • Damage slot Special Power, allowing him to use Outwit, but only after a successful close combat attack, and only to counter speed powers on the character he just hit.

Attempting to show his athleticism, particularly the way his specially coated suit combines speed and maneuverability. Attempting to show his ingenuity. And his tactics. He will slip around and under just about everyone, and double-back at high-speed as his opponent sails past. (Having trouble putting that last one in game terms, but still….)

Not seeing anything more than 6 clicks of life, possibly not even more than 5 clicks. Despite the s.p.’s I’m loading him with, I think his attack values are low enough that he could be just under 50 points. His value is in his potential to muck with your opponents’ tempo via interfering with lines-of-fire and action tokens.

EDIT: I should add, WizKids has an AMAZING SPIDER-MAN set due out in the first quarter of 2013. We (the fans) don’t have a lot of info on it yet. Don’t know if Slyde is in the set. He’s probably a longshot, though.