Wish-List: Dreadknight (v1.2)

Dreadknight! Marvel “super-villain”. Okay, upfront: I’ve never read a story with him in it. Closest I came was a story in Thunderbolts, and “Dreadknight” turned out to be Hawkeye in disguise. Frankly, that’s the visual representation I’d like to see in the game. Love the “atomic steed” (as I’ve gone on about before; see my “Knights of Wundagore” Wish-List post). Still, I like the concept, the visual. Got a “collage” for ya —

I regularly visit a site called supermegamonkey, and he has a post on Dreadknight’s first appearance. He posits that Dreadknight was an attempt to fill the super-villain niche formerly occupied by the Nathan Garrett version of the Black Knight.

In HeroClix, versions of the Black night include: Black Knight (villainous Nathan Garrett, CHAOS WAR #020); Black Knight (heroic Dane Whitman, CHAOS WAR #031); and ye olde REV of Dane on an “atomic steed” from the FANTASTIC FORCES set (#’s 004, 005, & 006). The CW versions’ dial designs represent them on their chosen steeds, even though their sculpts do not.

I group Dreadknight under the rubric of “tech-villain”. Dreadknight is an above average fighter. He has a body armor that grants a degree of protection and lower-end super-strength. He has his mount, “Hellhorse” (super-science spawned genetic monstrosity, no “black magic” involved; again, I would prefer an atomic steed).

Primary weapon is his high-tech lance. Armor-piercing tip, also good for bashing/bludgeoning. And then there’s the energy beams, streams of incapacitating nerve gas, micro-missiles, and “taser-bolas”.

Pretty standard stuff for tech-villains (from Green Goblin to Ghost to Porcupine to Trapster). Can’t really say specifically what I’d want to see that I haven’t posted before under, say, Porcupine. Cannot think of any special powers or trait abilities. I guess he’s pretty “vanilla”. But, WizKids did a great job with the “vanilla” Nathan Garrett in CHAOS WAR. *Maybe* the nerve gas or electrified bolas warrant a special power, as variations on Incapacitate, one dealing damage, one adding an extra token, maybe? (EDIT: Latest version of Hawkeye in CW also has a “Knockout Gass Arrow” S.P. that combines Energy Explosion with an Incapacitate-like effect. That seems like a good way to go, too.)

And although I want to see this version, Marvel did do a version of Dreadknight for its “Ultimate Universe” line of comics that at least looked pretty bad-ass.