Wish-List: Flag-Smasher (v1.1)

Flag-Smasher! Marvel villain. I only have his early Captain America appearances. From reading the Wikis, Marvel has tried to use the character off and on, with limited success. And a couple questionable visual changes. I prefer the “Space Ghost-esque” black and white cape and cowl combo.

He’s another nutjob, with a half-conceived ideology about erasing borders and the concept of nations, putting in place some version of global government. It’s a conflicting mish-mash of anarcho-capitalism and communism. Again, he’s a nutjob. I think he’s kind of a conceptual mish-mash himself, with elements of DC Comics’ Batman and Peacemaker. He’s got a “willing to wage war for peace” thing going on.

And he has had, off and on, the organization called ULTIMATUM to help him. Depends on who’s doing the funding. He had a huge inheritance at one point. Used “abandoned” HYDRA facilities. Since he’s a Mark Gruenwald creation from the 1980’s, the Red Skull has used Flag-Smasher as an clueless pawn, manipulating him from behind the scenes.

Flag-Smasher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tactically, very good and very aggressive fighter. May have some organizational skill, but he’s not a genius by any stretch of the imagination. He’s supposed to be “supreme commander” of ULTIMATUM, but seems more like a loose-cannon field leader.

HeroClix: Well, I know I want to see him in clix. He may end up pretty “vanilla”, just like I figure Dreadknight might be. He’d probably qualify as a “Martial Artist” or “Soldier” (in an ironic way). His signature weapon is his spiked mace. He’s used a flame-thrower. Had access to other high- and low-tech weapons. Also used “sky-cycles” and jet-propelled skis.  BUT, not exactly a “tech-villain”. Again, they’re just tools, not his whole schtick.

I don’t see anything that really can’t be represented but standard powers and combat abilities. Might qualify for some sort of “leader of ULTIMATUM” special power or trait ability. Might not be warranted. You know what, though? I’d like to see some more old Feat card effects come back into the game, as WizKids has done a little bit of before. Maybe the “Drag” feat as an SP? Dunno.

You know, I’m not even sure I want to see any ULTIMATUM generics. That’s unusual for me. I like generics. Must be the berets. Or the acronym itself. (Not going to spell it out. Hate. It.)