“ReClix” Wish-List: Ghost (v1.1)

Ah, Ghost! Initially part of Iron Man’s “rogues gallery”. I used to have his initial appearances. (Since given to charity, Operation Comix Relief.) Reading comics when you’re young and “being there” when a cool new character is introduced can lead to thinking that “things were better then than they are now” in the world of comics. That’s false — some great stuff in the decades since — but it’s there, and it affects my views of the character selection in the modern game of HeroClix and what I’d like to buy, what will separate me from my money, to WizKids/NECA’s advantage. Which I’m sure they’re interested in. 🙂

Best description available for the character comes via his Wikipedia entry: “Virtually nothing is known about the identity of the Ghost. He claims to have been an IT researcher at one time, and to have been made into what he is by corporate greed. The Ghost is an anti-capitalist saboteur who seeks to destroy various political and economic institutions he views as oppressive, apparently being most interested in those dealing with advanced technology and surveillance. He has, at times, hired his services out to corporations and other organizations, such as Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts, that wish to destroy rival groups, but invariably plans to turn on his own employers and topple them as well.”

Like the first Spymaster (whom Ghost actually killed), his real name, his real identity has never been revealed. You could almost take from that that he might have been intended to replace Spymaster. But, Spymaster as a concept has his own role to play, which is more mercenary and less ideologically motivated.

In HeroClix, Ghost came into the game in the REVU days of the game in 2005’s ARMOR WARS. Run-Down: AW#028 @ 22 points; AW#029 @ 28 points; AW#030 @ 36 points. It was the Age of Standard Powers, and across the REV Ghost had starting Phasing/Teleport transitioning to an end-run of Stealth, and dial-long Super Senses. The Experienced level added Incapacitate, and the Veteran added Energy Explosion on top of that. Stats and clicks of life line up with the era and the point-costs.

I was underwhelmed. I believe I ranted a bit about it. He didn’t seem as “dangerous” as he was in the comics. But, in The Game, he does do a good job of tie-up, even if he isn’t the primary or secondary attacking threat I had hoped he would be then. (I did do some tinkering and testing, and Ret-Conned a Trait onto the REV. That entry still exists on this blog. FYI.)

Now, not only has the character seen some development in the comics, he was apparently a big part of the most recent “Iron Man Adventures” cartoon series. (I’ve never watched it, but it sounds like I should.) And he’s made it into video games. Given that, I surfed the net, collected some pics, and here’s another “collage” —

Would love to see Ghost re-materialize in the Modern Age of Special Powers and Traits. 🙂 Of, course, I’d like to see either a “split-dial” or “multiple-starting line” version. Maybe two. Both could have different sculpts, one for his modern comics uniform, one for his cartoon appearance.

There’s a lot WizKids Design could do with SP’s and Traits for Ghost when he faces off against characters with Scientist, Armor, and maybe Robot keywords, reflect his focus on high-tech sabotage. Got to be a version that has Outwit. Exploit Weakness.

He could be a candidate for SP’s that remove objects, or give him an advantage using special object, or disrupt other character’s ability to use special objects. Any one remember the old “Proximity Mines” Battlefield Condition card? Or the “Trapped Dumpster” Special Object Token? It would be neat if Ghost could turn normal objects or special objects into “traps” on the fly during a game. “Hehhn, A-Hehhn, hehhn, hehhn…”

Think he’d make a great addition to a “Bring on the Bad Guys” supervillain-themed set.

Ghost (Marvel Comics)
Ghost (Marvel Comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)