“ReClix” Wish-List: The Falcon (v12.0)

EDIT (2014-07-22): Stripping out all of the “Ret-Cons to other versions of The Falcon” stuff, leaving the “Wish-List” stuff intact. That is all.


[Originally posted on 30 OCT 2012]
Sam Wilson, also known as the Falcon.  Often accompanied by his telepathically-linked falcon, Redwing. Highly competent defender of liberty in his own right, friend and ally to Captain America (Steve Rogers).   HeroClix has 7 versions of this character so far, 5 in SINISTER (2006) representing the “main Marvel universe” incarnation; 1 from the  AVENGERS set (2007) representing the “Ultimate universe” version; and the excellent version from the 2011 CAPTAIN AMERICA set (CA#030 @ 79 points) which also brought us a “detachable/removable object” mechanic in the form of Redwing. with sculpt and “Bystander Token”.

But, I am not going to review the figures here.  I recommend visiting HCRealms.com’s Units section to peruse the dials and read the player reviews.

Instead, I’ll just jump into the “Wish-Listing”. 🙂

Bottom Line: He’s one of my favorite characters. Has been since I was a kid. Big part of that is his appearances in the 1970’s Captain America comic, then going under the title “Captain America & The Falcon”, and his 1980’s mini-series. They are “Brothers in Arms” in the “never-ending battle”.

So, some random comments.

I’d like to see another “detachables/removables” mechanic-using version, along the lines of the double-based one from CA.  There’s potential there for a cool use of the Duo ability given the Falcon’s telepathic link with Redwing.  Falc commonly uses Redwing for reconnaissance as well as combat, as he can “see” through Redwing’s eyes.  (This ability was expanded during Geoff Johns run on Avengers  to allow Falc to communicate with all birds the way DC’s Aquaman communicates with fish.  Opinion: I prefer The Falcon’s ability.  🙂  )

Really, I think we could have a version of the CA#030 that is mostly the same, except with the addition of the conditional “When Redwing is attached to the base, Falcon has the {Duo attack ability symbol}”, in addition to the the use of Super Senses when attached.

Still not sure how to represent his ability to communicate and “command” any/all birds within a few miles. Smoke Cloud? Yeah, but that’s boring. Some thing similar to the “Flock of Bats” that are going to be used by versions of Batman in this November’s (2012) BATMAN set? Oh, yeah. That’d be awesom. “Dear WizKids: DO IT!!”

When Falcon first appeared (in the green-and-gold), he was earthbound.  He was a capable street-fighter, and acrobatic martial artist of sorts.  He received further training in hand-to-hand from Cap and SHIELD.  Before he got his first set of micro-jet powered wings from the King of Wakanda, the Black Panther, he often used a claw-like wrist-mounted grapnel line. wOULD BE great TO  see something cool to represent the grapnel line. I keep thinking of a character from the MORTAL KOMBAT video game (can’t remember the name) who would shout “Come here!” and sort of lasso an opponent, draw it close, and hit it hard. That could be fun.

During a Mark Waid penned story in the spin-off title, Captain America, Sentinel of Liberty, Cap was thought dead at the hands of a malefactor wielding an energy weapon supplied by The Wizard.  He took up Cap’s uniform and put a defense against the supremacist group Sons of the Serpent before Cap popped back up.  I think it would have been cool if he’d kept the wings on while he wielded the shield, but that’s just me.

EDIT: Forgot a significant point I wanted to make, that I’d like a green-&-gold version of Falcon that “Alter Egos” into Captain America, per the Mark Waid story! 😀

At any rate, he’s a character I’d like to see multiple versions of over the life of the game, for however how long that lasts.  Pretty please, WizKids?  (*puppy dog eyes*)


A word about some of the “collages” I worked up: The “figures”, that look like concept art for animation? Done by a guy I’ve never met, goes by the name of “Ronnie Thunderbolts”. He used to have a huge gallery of these “figures” at jjjinbeat.com, but it seems that the site was shut down. Darn shame. They pop up from time to time on other sites when I do searches. Some other people also appear to be doing art in a similar way. I have no idea what happened to “Ronnie”, though.
Read an article in my Dad’s copy of History magazine, maybe a year ago, about the the genesis of “Uncle Sam”. Interesting bit stayed with me, so I hunted down the History.Com article. From the article:

On this day in 1813 [September 7th], the United States gets its nickname, Uncle Sam. The name is linked to Samuel Wilson, a meat packer from Troy, New York, who supplied barrels of beef to the United States Army during the War of 1812. Wilson (1766-1854) stamped the barrels with “U.S.” for United States, but soldiers began referring to the grub as “Uncle Sam’s.” The local newspaper picked up on the story and Uncle Sam eventually gained widespread acceptance as the nickname for the U.S. federal government.

“Samuel Wilson.” Heh. Probably just coincidence, but it does make me wonder if whoever created the modern version of The Falcon — a.k.a. Sam Wilson — knew about this.


EDIT: If this post looks familiar, it’s because it’s a heavily re-worked older post. I want to see more of Falcon in HeroClix *that* badly.


Hey, maybe there’s a chance to see the “alternate future” superheroine inspired by The Falcon?