Wish-List: Mongoose (v2.0)

EDIT (12 NOV 2012): Re-work and re-post of an older post. Originally published 02 JUN 2010.

The Mongoose.  “Thor villain”, but with a “Spider-Man villain” power level.  I have no idea if he’s been used since his first appearance. He hasn’t been in any of the (very limited number of) trade paperback collections I pick up.  I ran across his Official Marvel Handbook entry (from the Update ’89 collected edition) last night.  He may be a minor and low-powered Thor-villain, but his power set puts his in the ‘range’ of a lot of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery.  He can lift/press about 10 tons (Spidey can lift between 10 and 15, I believe) and he’s a “super-speedster” type. Not any where near as fast as Marvel’s Quicksilver or Speed Demon, or DC’s The Flash.

So, I’d like to see a HeroClix version that’s mostly about Hypersonic Speed (with maybe a Movement value upper limit of 10) and powers that emphasize close-in combat.  Although possessing Super Strength, may want to make it so that he cannot use HSS while holding an object. (Using objects didn’t seem to be his biggest tactic.) May want a “repositioning” type Trait ability, where if he makes close combat attacks that don’t involve use of HSS (or Charge), he can be placed in another square adjacent to the same character as a free action. (Trying to represent him zipping around his target at super-speed.) He may qualify for Improved Movement of some sort. Blades/Claws/Fangs is obvious. Does he deserve anything more than Toughness, possibly combines with Super Senses or Combat Reflexes? Unsure. He’s dangerous, but kinda cocky; given his power-level, he’s got some brass balls, what with picking fights with Thor.