Wish-List: Moloids! (v1.1) Plus, Ret-Con: Mole Man (CM REV, v2.1)

Ah, Moloids. Yes. Love these little guys. (Guys? Have  to be some gals among them…. I hope.) Didn’t pay too much attention to them in the comics. When they popped into the game with the CRITICAL MASS set (2003?), I became much more interested in them. Made me much more interested in their “liege”, the Mole Man, as well.

Hope to see a few more versions of them, tricked out but still “cheap” points-wise, in the future. Would be great “generics” for a “Marvel Monsters” themed set. 🙂 I posted back in April of 2011 a few ideas — https://greyzealot.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/tinkering-rev-eng-duos-linked-mechanics-and-keyword-leaders/ — which I’ll rehash to some extent here. Interesting developments in the game since that particular post.

Concerning the Moloids, the versions we’ve had so far (all with the “Monster” keyword):

  • CM003 Rookie Moloid @ 6 points, CRITICAL MASS.
  • CM002 Experienced Moloid @ 8 points, also CM.
  • CM003 Veteran Moloid @ 9 points, also CM.
  • CM201 “Limited Edition” Val-Or @ 23 points, also CM.
  • SI002 Moloid @ 15 points, SECRET INVASION (with the respective Speed slot and Attack slot Special Powers: (a) SWARM: When Moloid is given a move action, it can use the Carry ability to carry one or two Moloids. ; (b) OVERWHELM: When this Moloid makes an attack against a target opposing character, modify its attack value by +1 for each other Moloid that has made an attack (successful or not) against that target during this turn. )

And before I get too deeply into the backwoods here, I think I should mention:

  • Mole Man, the R/E/V & LE from CRITICAL MASS (CM049 @ 55 pts., CM050 @ 69 pts., CM051 @ 79 pts., and CM217 “Rupert” @ 85 pts.)
  • Mole Man, from SECRET INVASION (SI031 @ 50 pts., with the Speed slot Special Power called LORD OF THE TUNNELS: Mole Man can use Stealth and Phasing/Teleport. When Mole Man uses Phasing/Teleport, he can use the Carry ability and must put debris tokens into the squares where he begins and ends his move. Mole Man ignores the effects of debris tokens on movement. )
  • Mole Man, from GALACTIC GAURDIANS (GG026 @ 47 PTS., with the Attack slot Special Power called MOLE MAN’S MONSTERS: Mole Man can use Mind Control only to target characters with the Monster keyword, including friendly ones. When using this Mind Control, Mole Man is not dealt unavoidable damage and modifies his attack value by +3. )
  • Giganto, the Mole Monster, a Colossal numbered G004 from GALACTIC GAURDIANS (with “Multiple Starting Line” options at 400, 300, 200, 100 points; it has the following Trait abilities at all levels: (a) SURPRISE TUNNELING: Giganto, The Mole Monster can use Phasing/Teleport if not occupying elevated or water terrain. When he does, his speed value becomes 10 and place debris tokens in the squares he begins and ends his movement in. After his action to use Phasing/Teleport resolves, he can use Quake as a free action.; (b) SINK THE BUILDING: Once per game give Giganto, The Mole Monster a power action if he occupies a square that’s adjacent to a printed brown terrain line. That contiguous area of printed blocking terrain becomes hindering terrain instead, and deal each other character occupying a square adjacent to that printed brown line 2 damage.)

So, it’s November 2012, and the DC HeroClix BATMAN regular/super-booster set, “gravity feed” single-figure booster set, and the Fast Forces are all out. Some *incredible* stuff in general, and some really cool developments in the area of “Minion/Master” Special Powers and Trait abilities.

Some of the “Minion” effects aren’t labeled as such anymore. Don’t know what that means, on the designer’s side. “Master” is a label that seems to have “bubbled-up” from the fan community on HCRealms..com, as far as I can see. Not going to spend any time defining them here. Not going to list all the other published “Minion” Special Powers either; recommend visiting HCRealms’ UNITS section or visiting heroclix.com’s downloads section and obtaining a copy of the latest Player’s Guide PDF.

As far as other things I’d like to see for any new Moloids, here we go —

  • Several Moloid sculpts on either a 2×1 or 2×2 base, with some sort of Improved Movement abilities.
  • Would be kinda cool if the SwitchClix and Team Base mechanics/elements could be used for the above.
  • At least one “split-dial” version of a single Moloid, in the point range and design philosophy of the recent BATMAN set’s Hired Goon and Hired Henchmen figures. Thinking it would be of Uncommon rarity, represent a kind of “Alpha Dog” Moloid that acts as a kind of “Champion/Group Leader” within a swarm. Mole Man is still the “King”, most Moloids are “Pawns”, monsters like Giganto function as “Rooks”. These would/could fill roles of “Bishop/Archer” or “Knight”. Might have a version that is a Prime design, filling the role of “Queen/General”. Goes well with the SwitchClix/Team Base thing, I think. Fits well on teams with older Moloid versions; can be Carried by the SI one, can use SI and CM versions as Mastermind-fodder (and *only* use other Moloids as such). No  “Master” type of powers or abilities, though. Just a more competent fighter than other Moloids, a “pup-tent pole” for smaller 3 or 4 figure “squads” within a swarm. Maybe something that keys off of the presence of adjacent lower-point Moloids? As in, able to use either Exploit Weakness or Incapacitate when adjacent to a target opposing character to which another character named Moloid is also adjacent?

Hmmm. May add more later.


Finally, a little “bonus”: a Ret-Con Trait Ability for CM versions of Mole Man:

“Moloid Master” When a character with the name Moloid and lower point value is within 3 squares of this character and takes a move action, that action does not count toward your available actions for the turn.  Give Mole Man/Rupert a power action and chose a target friendly character that is 6 or fewer squares away with the name Moloid (he does not need line of fire). Put the target in an unoccupied square adjacent to Mole Man/Rupert. The target can’t be given an action until your next turn.

Attempt at a “Master” style effect, allowing a tweaked version of the “Summon the Bat” Special Power of AA031 Captain Gordon, along with with a truncated Brotherhood of Mutants team ability effect.