“ReClix” Wish-List: Jocasta (& a Ret-Con; v1.1)

EDIT (2014-07-14): Popping back in to drop in a “stat-block with imbedded Ret-Con Trait” thingy. NOTE: tweaked the name of the RCT, mostly aesthetic rather than functional change. The original entry from 2012-12-24 is otherwise unchanged.

AW087 Jocasta Ret-Con

Ah, Jocasta. Marvel‘s “sexy robot” from the 1970’s. Well, depending on the story, where/when it’s set, she’s either a sleek, metallic humanoid robot or a “synthezoid”-style android. (Last I ever read on the difference, in other science fiction, between the two was that an “android” was not only very human in appearance on the outside, but had internal systems that attempted to mimic certain human biology as well.) Shes’ also been a disembodied “ghost in the machine”, inhabiting the Avengers info/comm systems.

Marvel editorial tends to let the old cliché/narrative device of the “love triangle” mutate into much more elaborate polygons. Short version: Ultron created Jocasta as a mate. Anti-Human Ideologue Ultron. Creates a “sexy female robot” as a mate. Using the “brain patterns” of the Wasp (Janet van Dyne, girlfriend/wife of Ultron’s own creator, Dr. Hank Pym). Speculations on “anatomical correctness” ensue.


“ReClix Wish”: We’ve had Jocasta appear in the game of HeroClix before, way, way back in ARMOR WARS (2005). She appeared as a Unique-ringed piece, which was more of an indicator of rarity rather than power-level back then. I still like the piece. Mostly boyhood nostalgia for the character. (Reading about some of her more-modern appearances now, thanks to ‘net fan-sites.)

The AW#087 Unique wasn’t much back then, and the advances in the game have not been kind. First off, she’s 78 points. But, she doesn’t have the “striking power” you’d expect for that point-cost. A good 9 clicks of life, which isn’t as common for characters in her point-range in this day and age. (“Compression” of sorts coming from game design, I think. Less life, more powers and higher stats.) No “mobility” (in neither the “ease of movement” sense, nor the “move and hit” sense.) Stats: average to poor; first three clicks are her best, even if the defense values are “soft” and the “damage output” is average to low. Standard powers: Force Blast; Penetrating/Psychic Blast; Impervious; Toughness; Ranged Combat Expert. The ranged-oriented powers represent the energy beam she can emit from her eyes.

How does this line up with the powers she’s displayed in the comics? Again, talking about the sleek, statuesque, silver-bodied version, the above are all appropriate. Also appropriate: Invulnerability and Super Strength. She also has the ability to interface with, and sometimes control, computers and computer controlled equipment. She can generate a personal force field. I don’t remember her protecting others with it. So, maybe piling Energy Shield/Deflection over the usual damage reducers is most appropriate. In Marvel Zombies 3, Jocasta had Flight (via boot-jets).

The appearances I actually remember her from, she didn’t do much fighting. And she seemed perpetually stuck on the sidelines. She was untapped back then. I remember reading the appearance with her “death” (first one, in Marvel Two-In-One) in a comic at a friend’s house. From the look of it, she may be doing more now. She’s often portrayed trying to walk that line of philosophically stoic and pining for companionship. Very odd.

So, taking from that, secondary attacker. Keep that ranged value. No problem with her “lack of mobility”, so long as she’s long-lived and has durability and “punch”.

For her computer interfacing and information wrangling, could be represented with “Brilliant Tactician”-like Perplex effects for Avengers-keyworded friendlies. Or, maybe, Perplex or Probability Control effects versus opposing characters only, maybe even specific bonuses against Armor or Robot-keyworded characters, or characters named Ultron?

Anyway, now a “home brew” Ret-Con Trait ability for the old ARMOR WARS Unique, a simple one:

Personal Force Field: Jocasta may use Energy Shield/Deflection and Willpower.

Not much help, I suppose. Prolongs her effectiveness for a turn or two, while allowing her to get into position for at least one shot, top dial..