“Wild Dials” (v2.1)

Wow, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s “wild dials” designs are stunning. Love the imagination put into them. Sparks more “wants” as far as characters old and new, “clixed” and “unclixed” that I’d like to see get this sort of treatment.  And while the “Morph”/”Swap” mechanics are nothing new, the waay they done #001 Spider-Man as “a”, “b”, and “c” morphing dials, I wonder if we shouldn’t “grandfather in” the “Morph”/”Swap” and “Alter Ego” concepts as “Wild Dials”. (Note: We haven’t seen any indication of AE’s in ASM yet.)

According to commentors over on HCRealms.com, what we’ve seen in the Dracula, Vampire generic, Werewolf by Night, Werewolf generic, and Morbius dials are mechanics modified from the now-defunct HorrorClix game. Cool. I’m wondering if they’ll also have characters in ASM that use features similar to Xavin from the 2012 GALACTIC GUARDIANS set.

*Whew* Man. All the changes in the past few years to the game have been exciting. Changes to standard powers, various combat abilities, introduction of new combat abilities and new symbology, Vehicles, Detachable/Removable items, Relics & Resources, lovely stuff i must say.

Still waiting for “Vehicle-ized Giants and Colossals”, WizKids.

Going to post here the previews WizKids has released so far.

001a-Spiderman 001b-Spiderman 001c-Spiderman 012-Vampire 014-Werewolf 015-Werewolf-By-Night 016-Dracula 028-Morbius