Wish-List: Mad Thinker (ReClix! v1.1)

The “Mad” Thinker! He doesn’t think he’s all that insane. He’s mostly about “the big score”, wanting a lot of money and a lot of scientific knowledge, but not interested in “ruling the world”. It’s been noted that he’s more of a “strategic planning genius” and most of the androids and robots he makes for his use use technology that someone else has to invent. He’s not all that capable of truly inspired, creative thought. Yet, he’s a bit of a “gamesman” and seems to relish the challenge of defeating certain opponents. But, I guess he’s competing against the “unknown”, against the “x-factor”, against himself, mostly.

Personally, I think he’s a little boring in the comics. I mean it’s not like there’s a shortage of “evil genius needs to pit himself against a worthy opponent.” There’s not a shortage of “minion-makers” either.

He’s made a more interesting HeroClix piece, though, with so far his only version appearing in the venerable FANTASTIC FORCES set, way back in the “pre-Character Card Era”. He was a Unique-rarity figure, cheap at 53 points, short-lived at 5 clicks, but so effective for the points with an 8 Range value (one Target {Bolt}), Starting two clicks of 9 attack value, Mind Control, Starting Probability Control passing into Perplex passing into Outwit, with Willpower all the way down the dial. A really effective and easy-to-use piece for what he does, then and now.


Wondering what else WizKids can tap into. As far as the comics go, he overlaps with the terrible Tinkerer in creating weapons and gadgets, he overlaps with Mendel Stromm, Machinesmith, and Doctor Doom in the robot/android-making area. There’s all sorts of cool special powers in today’s game that could be co-opted for a new Mad Thinker (which would be appropriate).

GG026 Mole Man — MOLE MAN’S MONSTERS: Mole Man can use Mind Control only to target characters with the Monster keyword, including friendly ones. When using this Mind Control, Mole Man is not dealt unavoidable damage and modifies his attack value by +3.

CA027 {Deadly} Nightshade — WEREWOLF SERUM: At the beginning of your turn, you may choose an adjacent character. That character can use Blades/Claws/Fangs, and possesses Battle Fury but can’t attack Nightshade. When rolling a D6 for Blades/Claws/Fangs, the chosen character subtracts 1 from the result, minimum 1. These effects last until your next turn even if this power is countered or lost.

WS046 Jackal — CLONE MADNESS: Characters on your force modify their attack values by +2 and their damage values by +1 when attacking an opposing character under 300 points with their exact same name. …and… CLONE MASTER: If two or more friendly characters adjacent to Jackal have the exact same name as one another, those characters can all use Shape Change if they can’t already.

Hugo Strange — I KNOW YOU AS MYSELF: Other characters within 4 squares can’t use Outwit or Perplex. …and… MONSTER MEN SERUM: Give Hugo Strange a free action to choose an adjacent friendly character. The chosen character can use Charge, Quake, and Super Strength until the end of your turn. At the end of your turn, deal the chosen character 1 unavoidable damage.

CA054 Baron {Heinrich} Zemo — MASTER OF THE MASTERS: Whenever a friendly character uses the Masters of Evil team ability, roll a d6 that can’t be re-rolled. On a 4-6, that team ability does not deal 1 unavoidable damage for this action.

CW041 Baron {Helmut} Zemo — THE THUNDERBOLTS GAMBIT: When you build your force, characters that possess the Masters of Evil keyword or team ability also possess the Thunderbolts keyword. If your force also includes the Thunderbolts Additional Team Ability you must assign it to them. …and… MEGALOMANIACAL GENIUS: Baron Zemo can use Leadership, Mastermind and Outwit. He is considered 150 points when using Leadership or Mastermind if he’s adjacent to a character with the Thunderbolts keyword.

How about a less-intuitive one? Like CW033 Victoria Hand from the CHAOS WAR set? Her Trait and Special Powers were — (Trait) NEW AVENGERS COORDINATOR: Victoria Hand and adjacent friendly characters with the Avengers keyword modify their attack values by +1 if they are on their first click. …and… (Damage Slot Special Power) TRAITOR, OR NOT?: Give Victoria Hand a power action if she began the game on your force. She becomes friendly to an opponent’s force. At the beginning of each of that opponent’s turns, that player deals 1 unavoidable damage to another character friendly to Victoria Hand.

That’s all just focusing on “Villains”. The CW014 Hank Pym (“Hero”) had a cool one — TINKERER SUPREME: Give Hank Pym a free action if he occupies a square with a light or heavy object, and choose a standard attack power. He can use the chosen power this turn.

So, plenty to mine.

One actually really cool aspect of the character: He’s often in jail, yet uses implanted, concealed cybernetic transmitter to “transfer his consciousness” to other android bodies. The powers for that may end up being too close to one of the versions of Mysterio that we’re set to get in the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN set, or like the SECRET INVASION 051 Nick Fury’s “L.M.D.” special power. Something to keep in mind, though.

Mad Thinker has a disadvantage when it comes to judging human nature. He refers to that unpredictability as the “x-factor”. So, try this “Limitation” Trait Ability: “The ‘X-Factor'” Once during your opponent’s turn, when they roll for Leadership they may add 1 to the die result. Yeah, a Trait that gives your *opponent* a potential advantage.

Now we need to make his other Trait abilities and Special Powers count. Lets focus on his use of androids and robots.

(Trait) Thinker’s Androids: Mad Thinker may use Support, but may only target characters with the Robot keyword. Once, at the beginning of the game, choose one character on your force; this character now has the Robot keyword. 

(Special Power) Stolen Technology, Re-Engineered Mad Thinker may use Perplex three times during his turn, but only on friendly characters with the Robot keyword. (Not sure where to put this one, as far as stat-slots go. Left the door open so that he might use it on himself, via the Trait.)

(Special Power) I Anticipated That… Give Mad Thinker a free action; Mad Thinker or a friendly character with the Robot keyword and within 4 squares may use Battle Fury until your next turn even if this power is countered or lost.  (Yeah, it’s odd. Battle Fury has changed.  Thought is to allow use of Battle Fury temporarily. Situational. You may want to use it to get passed an opponent’s characters with Shape Change, or guard against a potential Incapacitate of Mind Control attack. Comes at a cost. I know I didn’t get the language right, and can’t decide which slot it should be in.)

*Whew.* Okay, aside from those attempts above, I’d expect a new Mad thinker might have all the same standard powers as the previous FANTASTIC FORCES version had. Do you think the combination of the above special powers and trait abilities might make him a Unique?

Heck, the above might qualify him for Prime status. If WizKids did do a “normal” and a “Prime” version, I might like to see a “normal” version with a “Tinkerer Supreme”-style special power, with a spin of “arming” other characters with standard powers they don’t already have on their dials.

I also keep coming back to Victoria Hand, and thinking “Wouldn’t it be neat if during the middle of the game he could ‘reveal’ an opposing character to be one of his ‘androids’?” As in turn an opposing character friendly to his force for the rest of the game? Hmm. Have to work that one out. I mean: Victory points? How’d those get handled? Should there be a point limitation? Could be cool, though.

Along with wanting to see a new Awesome Android, wouldn’t mind seeing one or two other androids of his make it into the game, for use as “generics”. But, there are plenty of Robot-keyworded characters in the game now to add to his force. Could be fun with Super -Adaptoids, new and old.