Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Bushmaster (Serpent Society)(v3.2)

EDIT (09 FEB 2013): Popping in to add in a few comments, dropping in a “collage”. Will probably “pull it forward in time”; this post was originally posted 16 JUL 2011. Still waiting on more members of the Serpent Society, and some of the original Serpent Squads to appear.

Marvel’s Bushmaster! Well, one of them anyway. Name has been use at least a couple of times. In this case, our subject is a mercenary in the Serpent Society. Please, WizKids, NECA, and Marvel Comics: HeroClix needs more Serpent Society.


WizKids should also consider reintroducing the SerpSoc team ability symbol. Would much prefer the TA’s definitions offered a “targeted for assassination” effect similar to the Ultimate X-Men team ability rather than the original “use Phasing/Teleport” (an attempt to represent founder Sidewinder’s chief benefit of helping keep members from incarceration). The original should be as it is now in the modern game, as an Additional Team Ability (ATA). Would also like to see a Serpent Squad ATA. Not sure what, but I do. But, I digress…

Bushmaster here is pretty cool.  “Normal human or exceptional skill” plus “cyborg enhancements”. That the “snake-half” of the body is mechanical/cybernetic is just wild to me.

Suggestions for HeroClix:

  • “Peanut” base, get that “half-snake body” room to stretch out.
  • 7 to 9 clicks of life.
  • Would actually like to see less powers on the dial, better use of combat symbols and Traits.
  • Trait: Plasticity, but show the “Super Strength” of his “snake-half” by having opposing characters subtract 3 from their rolls when breaking away rather than subtracting 2.
  • Improved Movement: Ignore Hindering Terrain, Ignore Elevated Terrain.
  • Improved Targeting: Ignore Elevated Terrain. (The guy is 18-feet long, and can get some “reach” rearing-up un the snake-half of his body.)
  • Potential powers: Blades/Claws/Fangs, Toughness, Incap, Charge, Poison; Special Powers offering custom variations of one or two of those.  A limited BCF effect (like the DC WATCHMEN Knot Top SP) combined with one of the Poison-effects introduced in the 2011 CAP sets could be cool.
  • Stats: In a bit of a “throwback” to the days of IC and HT, it might be neat to see a non-HSS character with an eye-popping speed value.
  • Role on a team: Secondary attacker, tie-up of multiple opponents at once.
  • “Dual-dial” candidate?  Or “multi-dial” candidate?  “Multi-dial” (a la certain colossals, two different starting lines with two different point-costs) might be best , since I don’t think he’d need a “change-up” in role that the “dual-dial” mechanic seems to offer; same role, just two different “point options” for team building.
  • Hoping to see him come in under 100 points. Skeptical that he could if given all I want to see.