Wish-List & Ret-Con: Princess Python (v2.3)

EDIT (11 APR 2013): Re-working an older Ret-Con.  Small bit of “Wish-Listing” added. Tweaking a newer mechanic for use on this character. Originally posted 10 FEB 2010 (one of the first posts to this blog).


Princess_Python_Mash-UpMarvel’s Princess Python.  Pretty woman, with a trained snake.  Neither one even has any super powers, although it looks like that may have changed shortly before her death in the comics.  The Python she uses is also unusual. Links to info: Wikipedia: Princess Python; Marvel.com Universe: Princess_Python; and Comicvine.com: Princess Python.

My view, a character in the game of HeroClix fits into one of the following categories: Primary Attacker, Secondary Attacker,  Support/Utility, and Pawn.  A Pawn’s purpose is as Tie-Up, Line-of-Fire blocking, and Mastermind Fodder.

Princess Python: Well, the HeroClix REV from the ULTIMATES set was never seen in a good light anyway by players.  There are cheaper tie-up, LoF blockers, and ‘meat shields’ out there.  From Rookie to Experienced to Veteran, she has the valuable Incapacitate power, but not really the stats to use it.  Easy to hit.  Even with the SerpSoc TA, she had average mobility.

I briefly played her with a homemade Trait that made her a Duo character.   Closer to usefulness, but the way Duos work (currently)now she couldn’t use her Incap.  Rather expensive power to not use.  And her only ‘trick.’

Then I briefly played her using SECRET INVASION Spider-Man’s special power, and then AVENGER Spider-Man’s special power.  Those were better, but possibly too good for her points.  And then the WEB OF SPIDER-MAN set came along with its raft of “Web Token” special powers.  So, I ended up with a variant:

Homemade Trait Constriction  When Princess Python uses Incapacitate, modify her attack value by +2; if the target is hit, place a Web/Snare special terrain marker in the square occupied by the target opposing character.

(FYI: They’re called “Web” tokens.  The “Web/Snare” is my name for them, as I’ve been experimenting, using some variation of for other old REV/U-era characters, like Captain Cold from COLLATERAL DAMAGE).

She still ends up being a convenient target, but once she’s in your opponent’s face it would be a mistake to ignore her.  One of the things I like doing with her is keeping her out of the way and at arm’s length from her target opposing character with that meager 2 range of hers.  Let an opponent be occupied with a more dangerous secondary or tertiary attacker, while she bites at the opponent’s back.

(Note to self: google some pics of Britney Spears and that white snake.)

EDIT (11 APR 2013): As far as a “Wish-List” goes, she needs a re-do in clix-form. “Detachable/Removables” mechanic? Nifty little 3D-“Bystander/Character Token” of that gigundus pseudo-python? Coult be cool. Has to be under 60 points. Duo attack when together; separated, she should be able to use Perplex, but only on herself and/or her Python, and modify at least two stats at once, other than damage.

One thing I think: She’s gotten short-shrift from Marvel creators. Always though she should be a low-power mutant, instead of *just* a trained circus snake-handler. By low-end or low-power, I mean, she can communicate telepathically with a single reptile she establishes a rapport with. Becomes a long term, almost symbiotic, relationship.

Sure, not as expansive an ability as Aquaman’s ability to communicate/command *ALL* sea-life, or The Falcon’s ability to communicate with all birds. More like Falcon’s original ability to just have a close rapport with his pet/partner, Redwing the falcon.

Marvel creators could “jazz it up”, I suppose. Like, her mental/psionic connection with the chosen “snake familiar” causes certain physical transformations in the snake — which could explain away the artwork, the fact that the cartoonish “python” often doesn’t look like a real-world snake of any kind.

That in turn can open up HeroClix and story possibilities. She can still be a skilled animal trainer, a circus performer and acrobat, a “skilled human”. She’s just got a little “X-tra” going for her.

Obviously, I want to see the Princess as part of a “Marvel Monster & Villains” dream set, pulling double-duty in the Circus of Crime and the Serpent Society. 🙂