Wish-List: Marvel’s Iron Maiden (v1.2)

IRON MAIDEN. Another “Wish-List” entry, this time for a Marvel Comics “villainess” that I first encountered in the 1980’s run of “Captain America” of writer Mark Greunwald, as part of Superia‘s “Femizons“. ([EDIT, 2015-03-21: Removed a rumor I’d heard at the time about the IM3 movie, because it was totally untrue.] Also, the name was used in the “Earth-X” story, one of Marvel’s “parallel earth” stories. And, apparently, there are a few others. Marvel’s Wikia says this version was captured by the Thunderbolts during the “Superhuman Registration Act/Civil War”.)

Iron_Maiden_Vostokovna_Mash-UpIRON MAIDEN. Real Name: Melina Vostokovna, at one time a KGB agent. Basically, trained assassin, specializes in hand-to-hand combat. Keywords could be Spy, Soldier, and Martial Artist.

The armor appears to have minor strength enhancement abilities, doesn’t impede her agility or reflex speed at all. Any superhuman strength displayed has been less about picking up objects to smack an opponent with (traditional use in the game of HeroClix), more about wall-busting and grappling with opponents. So, opportunity here for Improved Movement: Ignore/Destroy Blocking Terrain, or simply rely on the wall-busting use of Super Strength, maybe in the form of a special power that only allows Iron Maiden to hold light objects?

Standard Powers: Heck, taking into account her “spy/martial artist-spliced-with-brick” role, she qualifies for: Leap/Climb, Plasticity, Stealth, Charge, Flurry, Super Strength, Incapacitate, Quake, Willpower (hey, it’s been used to represent brick/brutes and acrobatic kung-fu types), Impervious, Toughness, Invulnerability, Combat Reflexes, Energy Shield/Deflection, Super Senses, Close Combat Expert, maybe Exploit Weakness, maybe even Battle Fury.

So, which route to go? I think maybe a “Terminator”-like dial design; relentless, if not very fast. Suggestion: Indomitable. Trait-based Invulnerability. No Charge or “move and attack” of any kind. Clicks of Life: minimum 6, would prefer 7. Improved Movement: Destroy Blocking Terrain. Steady attack values of 10 and 9 down the dial. Average speed values.  Steady defense values of 16. And,… Steady damage value of 2 down the dial. “Spotty dial”; no “runs” of powers, just alternate frequently in suitable “combos” of standard powers. Plasticity/ESD/CCE on one click, Flurry/CR/EW on another, Plas/CR on anther, maybe *just* a single power showing on other clicks.