Wish-List: White Rabbit (Marvel; v1.8)

EDIT (22 APR 2013): Added a “collage”, hoping to add more commentary and pull this post “forward in time”. Been wanting to see her for awhile. Originally posted this 17 SEP 2011. She’s a perfect candidate, IMHO, for some of the new “Pink Powers” introduced in the 2013 PAC. 

White Rabbit!  Oddball character, “Alice in Wonderland“-themed “archvillainess wannabe”.   Not to say she’s not dangerous.  She’s nutzoid enough.  Read her Marvel character entry. Even though she’s sort of a Spider-Man villain, her kookiness really does seem suited to Batman’s rogues gallery.  She’s rich, does crime for “fun”, thinks she’s more menacing than she is, and has a thing for gadget-type weapons that fit her “theme”.


I’m a bit “inspired” right now with some of the suckier HYPERTIME era designs, particularly the Batman villains.  Weird decisions made back then.  Like, some cool stuff like Perplex up-front on the dials, but as soon as the Perplex disappears, they get Mastermind.  ???  After the Perplex is gone, there usually wasn’t much worth protecting besides trying to run-out the tourney clock and deny your opponent victory points.  Still, some ideas there.

As usual, would like to see her as a lower-point character.  If a standard-sized character, she could still be a Rare, but a Unique, 20 points.  Not a fighter.  Imagine 4 full clicks of Perplex and Mastermind.  Average-to-low stats.  Her danger is in the presence of that Perplex, and then making her an ever-present annoyance because of it.  If she had any speed or attack slot powers, they should be ones that don’t necessarily rely on combat.   Force Blast, Leap/Climb, Smoke Cloud, etc.  Not really necessary, and I want to keep her points down to old-school Con Artist levels.  Heh-heh.  Well, maybe 29 or 30 points.

Now, one thing that might also be cool, if WizKids ever revives that rumored “Vehicle” thing that was hinted at before “The Hiatus”, is a peanut-base robot rabbit, like that pictured above.  Like the Warstar I proposed a month or so ago, she could “ride it” by her figure physically clicking into it, for enhanced performance of the mecha-rodent.  Bonus: silly/dangerous generic robot for other theme teams.