HeroClix Tinkering: the “Gear” symbol (v1.7).

EDIT (31 MAR 2014): Okay, doing a “purge”. Keeping this post, while importing a few pictures and a little “content” from 2 other BSI-related posts that I’m deleting. Will note the “content” additions, but not the pictures.


(Originally Posted on 11 JUN 2013): Okay, have mentioned here and on other (now defunct) blogs about an attempt years ago of combining Clix-dials with 3D Objects for HeroClix, that I’d done a whole thread on it over in the “Dreams & Desires” area of HCRealms.Com. My usual amateur stuff. I called it “TrapClix”, for lack of any kind of better name. I don’t think anyone ever noticed. *shrug* It was worth a shot, though.

So, so, so many developments since then. So many changes and additions to the game. Addition of Relics and Resources, addition of Vehicles. Then there’s this recent introduction, via the BIOSHOCK INFINITE set —



A-mazing. BUT! But, they need to go further, continue to push the envelope.

WizKids introduced the “Gear” symbol many bleems ago, as part of a way to identify Object tokens as Special Object Tokens (which have more special game effects than standard objects).

When WizKids Game Design introduced Vehicles at the tail-end of 2012 (after working on it for years, I assume), they also included a new combat symbol to tie the Vehicle game effects to , which sort of looked like a car’s steering wheel. I expected it’d be another damage-slot combat symbol. Nope: it was a new Defense-slot symbol. That also opened up new variations, since the Damage-slot combat symbols have become one way to represent “size”; Tiny, standard, Giant, and Colossal. Most of the vehicles so far in the game are standard-sized, with one exception: The Bug, the Giant airborne Vehicle of the Blue Beetle. Awe. Some.

I’m wondering if there’s an opportunity here for the “Gear” symbol used for Special Objects could also become a Defense-slot symbol?

Could indicate a type of character that *is* an object, usually stationary. My own attempts, the “TrapClix” had to be considered part of your force (costing points), but were placed like objects during the beginning of the game. Also, tossed about ideas if they were “destroyed:, they could become regular objects that Super Strength characters could pick up and use as normal. That idea eventually morphed into the “Gear” symbol also appearing on the dial, after the “normal” stats ran out, but before “K.O.” clicks, which I proposed here on this blog under entries for the “MODOK-S” from Ed Brubaker’s “Captain America: REBORN” story.

There’s also the opportunity for such a “Gear” Defense-slot symbol establishing some inherent abilities. Such “TrapClix” could use Willpower, maybe an immunity to Mind Control (unless the character using Mind Control is a Robot, or has a Special Power or Trait ability specifically allowing it to affect “Gear” symbol’d characters).

The Turrets up above have cool Traits, allowing them to be Carried and placed. Cool. But, maybe for “Gear” symbol’d characters that would have to be determined by “weight class”? We currently have Light, Heavy, Ultra-Heavy, and Immobile. I still say we need a “class” that can be picked up by anyone, designated by a gray ring perhaps, that would do the same thing as the Traits the Turrets have.

Hmm. Just thinking about the possibilities gives me a tingle. “Gear” Defense-slot symbol. Then Tiny, standard, Giant, or Colossal sizes. Improved Targeting, or use of one of the traditional Attack-slot symbols.

I wonder if WizKids is designing other Improved symbols as well?

Anyway. Something to tinker with….
[IMPORTED] EDIT (10 JUL 2013): I had deleted this entry. Decided today to restore it, thus it popping back onto the blog with the original posting date. Clarification: I don’t play console or PC games much any more. I have no idea how “accurate” these pieces are to the game of “Bioshock Infinite”. I just like them as “army-building generics”. That’s where my bitching comes from: As with the older HorrorClix line, WizKids has this strange tendency to put some of the coolest stuff that fans of the superhero genre side of the game have been nearly-screaming for into the non-superhero offshoots. I mean, I know Marvel Comics and DC Comics may be pretty…. heavy handed (?) with thier licenses, so is that the reason some of the superhero stuff seems “muted”? Lack of “artistic license” for WizKids coming from the comics companies? I don’t know. Anyway, very glad this year’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN had such cool generics. But BSI has ratcheted things up a notch. IMHO.

Okay, I complained a few posts back about “whining”. I’m about to do some whining now (as opposed to “complaining about whining”). First, we shall “prime the pump”, so to speak —


So. WizKids. The “comic book superhero” side of the HeroClix game. The design of the Heroes has been getting really good over the years. Same with the Villains. “Generics” for the “Good Guys” have gotten really good. “Generics” for the “Bad Guys” side has kinda been lagging, methinks. Whatcha gonna do ‘boot that, eh?

What I mean is: Why in the @#$&*~%&^! did I have to buy a CTD case of BIOSHOCK INFINITE HeroClix — based on a friggin’ video game! — to get some scary/good “generics” for my various “Mad Scientist” and “Evil Genius/General”-type Villains to pit against the Heroes?!?! I mean, again, some really good stuff coming out on the super-side of clix. But, why the HECK does it seem you save the really good stuff for the video game licenses?!

Anyway. Yeah, bought a sealed CTD via my usual online vendor, typical “bulk discount”. Bought two of the BSI Starters as well. For the “Generics”. Damn. You.

002-Machine-GunTurret 014-Motorized-Patriot 006-Rocket-Turret103-AutoStallion106-Handyman105-Flackman

You see all of that?! Do you?! (*rubs WizKids nose in it*) Plenty of “fodder” for villainous types ranging from Arnim Zola to Puppet Master to T.O.Morrow to A.I.M./HYDRA to Machinesmith (who has yet to be made) to the “Terrible Tinkerer (who has yet to be made) to Red Skull or the Secret Empire (they have yet to be made, darn you) to…. to… to…

Aaargh! Darn you, WizKids! I love/hate you. (Speaking strictly as a consumer of your products. Try not to read anything into it.)
[IMPORTED: originally posted on 05 JUN 2013 with the title ‘HeroClix ‘Temptation”: BIOSHOCK INFINITE’] 

“Dear WizKids: I love you, I hate you…”

WizKids preview today over on HeroClix.Com is for its computer game-based BIOSHOCK INFINITE license. Damn you, WizKids. I’m trying to save money by not diving into non-comic book superhero-based Clix. But, I love these — [this is where the pictures of the two BSI Turrets and the Motorized Patriot were]

Ages ago over on HCRealms.com, when I was still hanging out in the “Dreams & Desires” fan-dial design area, I proposed “TrapClix”. They were a lot like the BSI “Turrets”, except that they couldn’t be carried. They had to be assigned to your force, costing points, but were placed like objects at the start of the game. Man, I need to revisit that idea, that thread. WK Game Design just opened up a new door…