Wish-List: Roxy Rocket (v1.1)

The recent DC HeroClix BATMAN CLASSIC TV Set previews have really “primed the old pump”, so to speak. Expands my “wish-list” of as-yet-unclixed characters I hope make it into the game. So, without further ado, a character that made the leap from a made-for-TV supervillain on the Bruce Timm-verse “Batman: The Animated Series” to a few appearances in the comics, a “normal human of exceptional skill”, being a top-notch pilot, stuntwoman, mechanic and engineer, and a freaking adrenalin junkie: Roxy Rocket!

You know, I love the new Vehicle mechanics and game effects, but Roxy here needs the “retro-treatment” of *just* her on her rocket on a 2×1 double-base with the Transporter symbol and an SP replicating the old “Drag” Feat card. IMHO.