“ReClix” Wish-List & Ret-Con: Diamond Lil (v1.1)

Diamond Lil! A Marvel character, first introduced in the pages of John Byrne’s “Alpha Flight”. She was a former Canadian government “Department H” super-powered trainee that didn’t make the cut for Alpha Flight, and eventually ends up of the “revenge squad” that was Omega Flight.

*Tangent*: According to “comics lore” from various sources, It’s believed that Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s creation of the X-Men in the 1960’s was an attempt to create another successful team book for Marvel, this time influenced by DC Comics’ own band of “outsiders and misfits” that was the Doom Patrol. I think it’s kinda funny, then, that decades later John Byrne creates Omega Flight as a team to pit against his other creation, Alpha Flight. Alpha Flight was created during Byrne and Chris Claremont’s incredible run on Uncanny X-men to fight the X-Men.

Where am I going with this? IMHO, Omega Flight looked like a twist on the “band of misfits” that was the Doom Patrol. (Not that it’s any big deal. Just love the “mutations of concepts” over time, and how there often seems to be a “foundation” or “baseline” for certain character concepts. Note to self: Still have to do that “Wish-List” post for Omega Flight member, Flashback.) *End Tangent.*

Diamond Lil is virtually indestructible. That’s about it. She didn’t get the super strength. No super-speed. No flight abilities. No super-senses. No laser-beam firing eyes. She didn’t get the “complete package”. Drawn by Byrne, she’s the stereotypical tall “Amazonian” type, even if she doesn’t have super strength. Not the “most beautiful” but “really attractive”. Either works out or is one of those annoying “naturally fit metabolism” people. “Built like a brick shithouse.”

Byrne may have been playing with the concept of “objectified women”, I’m not sure. Even getting “the short end of the stick”, Byrne still made her dangerous. That long, super-strong hair? She can pluck a single hair from her head and use it as a garrote. Super-strong nails? She can apply just enough normal-human strength force in a swipe to cut through thin sheet metal. (How the heck does she conduct personal hygiene, anyway? She gotta bite her own hair and toenails to keep from having freakish talons? How’s she cut her hair? How’d she manage to break one free anyway, without any super strength? Was Byrne re-using some of his “dense flesh coupled with bio-forcefield” stuff he used on his Superman run? Dunno.)

She proved to be a very good hand-to-hand fighter, a “natural scrapper”, supplemented (I suppose) with a little of her previous Gamma Flight training.

Her debut in clix was in 2005’s ARMOR WARS Marvel HeroClix set. Players were “underwhelmed”. She got no respect.


Hope to see her appear again. Not sure if she’ll show up in November 2013’s INVINCIBLE IRON MAN set or not, what with its Alpha Flight sub-theme. (Unlikely, IMO.)

What could they do with her today? Well, even if they “kept it simple” as befits the character, would like to see Traited Invincible, then the usual damage reducers on the dial. Would like to see her given the “multiple starting line” treatment. Like, 100/75/50 points.

Some sort of dial-pattern like the old DC HeroClix LEGACY Joker, with a mix of blank spots and standard powers that don’t last more than one click. (Speaking here of non-Defense slot powers.) She’s proven to be a very good melee fighter. Not an “acrobatic martial artist” to be sure, but not a “charging brute” either.

Tenacious, though, and can afford to be, given her invulnerability. She can afford to take a hit, so if her own punches fail, she’ll just slip into a comfortable basic wrestling-style strangle hold and wait it out. Plasticity? Maybe. Incapacitate? Maybe. Blades/Claws/Fangs? Still good. Close Combat Expert? Potentially. Some sort of “strangling special power”? Seems appropriate.

Maybe some other “weakness” of “limitation” as well/ To keep her cost down? Like a vulnerability to Poison? I don’t remember her having any immunity to gases, for example, so even tear gas could cause her problems. Still needs air to breathe, needs the oxygen, even if her lungs can physically resist the damage to the tissues.

Despite her simplicity in concept, she could still be a nice little challenge. Worth seeing again in a new form. (Prefer that yellow and green full-body costume, though, to the “stripper leather” stuff she wore later.)