Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Lightmaster (v2.1)

EDIT (05 OCT 2013): This post originally posted on 07 OCT 2011. Still haven’t seen him appear in HeroClix form yet. Going to “pull this post forward in time” for a re-post. (FYI: WordPress is great at keeping track of revisions and dates. I like that better than creating a new post for some of these previous “Wish-Lists”, “Tinkering”, and “Ret-Con” posts.) I’m going to add a “collage” and some comments. Another candidate for a “Marvel Monsters & Villains” themed set, or another Spider-Man themed set. (Right along with the flying tech-assassin, Chance, another oddball Spidey foe I haven’t sen in awhile, let alone in HC.)


Lightmaster, Marvel Comics villain, Spider-Man “Rogues Gallery” villain.  Weaker version, in a way, of the Living Laser.  Manipulates light to fire blasts and create energy constructs.  Another oddball, that’s gone through a some changes here and there, through the years.  I don’t think the costume is current, but it’s the one I like.  Simple, in a “Ditko-esque” way. [EDIT: Current version I’m finding via Google has him in an “Iron Man-esque” armor. *sigh* Seen that a lot, ever since the first Iron Man movie. Hope it runs its course soon.]

Opportunity here for a very minor Marvel villain to have a multiple-starting line HeroClix figure?  Two point costs.  Lower-point version is all about Barrier and Force Blast, maybe RCE.  Cheapish, at 35 points.  Flyer, so along with Barrier, he’s a “utility piece” (as a “taxi”).

The higher-point starting line, cost of 70 to 90 points.  Up the ante a bit, but still skew it toward “constructs”; Lightmaster should create Constructs.  WizKids barely scratched the surface with Larfleeze.  They had a chance with Quasar in CAPTAIN AMERICA, but for whatever reason, they didn’t follow through.

Use Special markers, allow him to choose from a list of effects.  (Example to ponder is DC75’s Wonder Twins.)  Or print him up a double-sized character card with Bystander Token-style “Construct Tokens” to use, sort of combining the examples we’ve seen with Larfleeze, Falcon (& Redwing), and Squirrel-Girl (& Monkey Joe).

WizKids is pumping out a lot of great new mechanics, but we still need a bit more refinement in some areas.  “Constructs” and “Bystander generation” are two of those areas.  Some “standardization” will go a long way, just like they’ve done with abilities pertaining to Colossal characters, and the re-works they’ve done to standard powers like Leadership and Battle Fury and Telekinesis.

Not complaining.  Trying to be helpful.

EDIT (05 OCT 2013): So, concerning the “creation of Constructs” angle, I’m still for the ideas above. Wondering if it may also involve giving him a special power that allows the use of Super Strength and/or Telekinesis, but only for using objects he creates? Because I’m thinking it would be neat to replicate some of the effects of existing Special Object Tokens and 3D special objects of the past. A ‘shield’ that acts like the old “Office Desk” of the (now-“ancient”) “Indoor Adventure Pack” from the INFINITY CHALLENGE era, for example. Heh, or the ‘Light Post’. That used to be fun.