Marvel HeroClix “ReClix” Wish-List & Ret-Con (MUTATIONS & MONSTERS, 2007): Arcade (v1.1)

Arcade! Marvel supervillain. An assassin, with a thing for expensive deathtraps with a carnival theme. Sometimes viewed as Marvel Comics’ version of DC Comics’ villain Mad Mod, an old 1960’s Teen Titans foe. First appeared in Marvel Team-Up #65, 1978.

He’s appeared in the game once so far, in 2007’s MUTATIONS & MONSTERS. It wasn’t a bad showing, with some cool tricks involving objects. Unfortunately, not “cool enough”; he’s seen more as expensive Outwit and Barrier (clocking in at 86 points), his use of objects not seen as useful enough. Cool gimmick, but easily avoided. In a two player game, each player brings 3 objects into the game. They can and will get picked up quickly by Super Strength-using characters. If a player decides to bring in a special object, Arcade is then deprived of one more object, since his abilities only affect standard Light and Heavy objects. And forget about using Ultra Heavy objects.

Was tinkering a bit with Arcade’s special powers, when I came up with a Ret-Con that I think makes him more dangerous/useful.

Ret-Con Trait: “Murderworld Control Room” At the beginning of the game, choose a square in your starting area, and place Arcade there. Whenever Arcade occupies this square, Arcade may use {Improved Targeting}{Ignores Hindering}{Ignores Elevated}{Ignores Blocking}{Ignores Characters}. When you place your force on the map at the beginning of the game, place a standard heavy object in a square adjacent to Arcade. (This doesn’t count against your object limit.)

Some language borrowed from SM055 Superman, among others. Makes him more dangerous in certain ways, possibly more with his Outwit (which is now limited to a “default” range of 6 under 2013 rules changes) and his Barrier special power. Hampers his mobility, though. And gives him (hopefully) access to at least one object he could use before another character picks it up. If not, maybe Arcade can “run it out” to a friendly that could use it.

Still, one of the complaints is his “damage output” for the points. Maybe a minor “tweak” to one of his special powers?

Ret-Con Tweak: “DEATHTRAP”: Once per turn as a free action, Arcade can remove from the game any object 10 or fewer squares from Arcade to which he has a clear line of fire and deal 1 penetrating damage to each character adjacent to the object.

Hmm. Hope this all works. I wonder what other characters he could be teamed-up with, aside from various Telekinesis pieces, that might help him out? Either of the DC Comics’ Gizmos/Mikron O’Jeneus characters, maybe?


Wish-List: I hope we see Arcade again in a future X-Men themed set. (Since WizKids seems to have a “rotation” in terms of themes now for its superhero genre licenses.)

We’ve seen plenty of interesting effects enter the game, and in “reduce, reuse, recycle” fashion, I think some of those effects might be useful for Arcade.

Bonus to the roll for map choice, for example, if Arcade is on your force-build. (Heck, it might be cool to see a “Murderworld” map. Something with plenty of special terrain, representing traps. Most of his “Murderworlds” resemble amusement parks or carnivals, and might thus double for a “circus”, if Marvel ever allows WizKids to finish off the Circus of Crime roster of characters. And of course, Arcades first two appearances have him using huge “trap room” designed like a pinball machine. that could be awesome.)

There’s also always “token and/or marker generation”. A lot of pieces in the game can “produce” Bystander Tokens or place Special markers on the map. One of the notable recent pieces to do that is IIM051 Iron Pharoah, a “chase super rare” interpretation of a kind of “What If…?” on Iron Man. It has the following Trait ability —

GOLDEN FALCON, SOARING: When Iron Pharaoh is first placed on the map, place a Falcon special terrain marker in an adjacent square. Give Iron Pharaoh a free action to move this marker up to 3 squares. Iron Pharaoh can draw lines of fire and count range (up to 3 squares) from the Falcon marker using Improved Targeting: Ignores Hindering Terrain, Ignores Elevated Terrain, Ignores Outdoor Blocking Terrain, Ignores Characters.

Pretty sweet.

He’s had assistants as well, which could be represented as Bystander Tokens, an engineer named Mr. Chambers (helped build and maintain the facilities and traps Arcade designed), and a “femme fatal” named Miss Locke (who was in charge of abducting their targets and getting them to a Murderworld). Hmm. Would actually like to see Miss Locke as a figure.

Arcade is an accomplished robotics and hacker. Mind Control on Robot and Armor keyworded characters? Maybe. Might also be nice to see a series of actual figures, robots, “disguised” or “camouflaged” as 3D objects. As well as more new — or reprinted — special objects. Long ago, they made a version of DC’s Plastic Man that reused the Mailbox sculpt from the “Outdoor Adventure Pack”, a 3D object. Plenty of possibilities.

Terrain manipulation. Couple versions of DC’s character Terra can manipulate terrain. Wonder what it would be like to have a version of Arcade that had a map-wide power to change certain squares of terrain?

Then there’s the whole line of “Elaborate Deathtrap” special powers introduced in the DC HeroClix BATMAN CLASSIC TV set. Most reflected a variant of the Capture ability. (Hmm. Capture ability….)

Hmm. Arcade has possibilities. Wonder if players would be upset at some sort of 200+ point version?