INDY (Robert Kirkman’s “Invincible”) HeroClix Wish-List: Octoboss & his Squid-Men (v1.1)

Octo-Boss and his SquidmenThread over on HCRealms.Com by poster “jackstar7”: Would you purchase pieces from an non-licensed HeroClix set of only generic pieces? I say, “Heck, yeah!!1!” Made some suggestions. I like what others have to say as well.

Got me thinking back on other licensed properties, though, and certain “untapped” characters from Paul Kirkman’s “INVINCIBLE” comics. (FYI: I only have the first four of the “big book” hardbound collected editions.) The series is a kind of ‘love letter” to the world of superhero comics, and Kirkman and his creative team(s) love to play off of existing Marvel and DC Comics characters and tropes. One of my favorites is the other-dimensional “Chthulic-looking” alien Octoboss (also, “Octo-Boss”) and his group of Squid-Men. They are apparently from the same world, but no idea if they are actually the same species (with Octoboss being some sort of super-mutated “Hulk”).

Octoboss has a “Hulk-level” resistence to injury, though doesn’t appear nearly as strong. Definite Plasticity standard power candidate for HeroClix. His Squid-Men appear to be basic energy weapon weilding trooper, nothing special. They have no problem breathing in earth’s air or water. Their main schtick was stealing radioactive materials, presumably to get home some how. (I’m reading now that they did try to take over the “Invincible Universe’s” version of Atlantis.

Too bad licensing might be too significant of a hurdle. Would love to see them. Crazy.

Meanwhile, what ever happened to the “homebrew” super-characters WizKids was creating in-house?