Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Angar the Screamer (v1.1)


Angar! THE SCREAMER!!1! Yeah, not much to him. Screams can scramble your brains, make you hallucinate. Other than that, none-too-bright thief, untrained hand-to-hand fighter. Odd sort of “hippie/heavy metal” fusion look.

HeroClix: Unique ring? Four clicks of life, fairly fragile once he’s hit. Standard powers? Energy Shield/Deflection, trying to show disrupting an opponent’s ability to attack him? Super Senses could do that, too.

Special Powers of Traits? Have talked before about wanting to see more characters in the game with “Battlefield Condition”-like effects. And we are starting to see them.

Was thinking about the latest DOFP preview: Avalanche. He’s one of those characters that has a game effect that establishes what happens to opposing characters based on how close they are to him.

  • So, Angar here might have a zero Range value, but an “area of effect” of… 7 squares?
  • Targets all characters? (Not just opposing.)
  • Ignores an opponent’s Battle Fury, ignores hindering terrain.
  • Characters with the Robot keyword are unaffected?
  • Should still roll to hit, with a locked attack value of…. 10?
  • Characters within the area of effect modify thier Defense values by -1 the closer they are to him, starting at that 7 squares; 7 to 5 squares, -1; 4 to 3 squares, an additional -1; and an additional -1 for 2 to 1 squares. (Sorry, can’t get my head around the proper wording.)
  • Hit characters have thier Super Senses, Combat Reflexes, and Energy Shield/Deflection countered until the beginning of the next turn.
  • Characters within 2 squares recieve two tokens, or one unavoidable damage,….
  • Characters 3 and 4 squares away get one token, or one penetrating damage (?),…
  • Characters 5 to 7 squares get a -1 to attack until the next turn?
  • Again, Unique ring.
  • Again, 4 clicks of life.
  • ESD or Super Senses for him.
  • Maybe forget the “scaling”, though?
  • Instead: Power action for Incapacitate that targets all characters within 6 squares, plus the Defense power counters?
  • OR! the option to do the same with a Double Power Action, but extend the area of effect out to 10 squares, dealing 2 tokens, plus ignoring Battle Fury?
  • Or, maybe the effects should be dependent on the targets’ point values?

Ugh, I don’t know.

Simplest thing will be Special Power or Traited Pulse Wave that  also gives a token of two, or is specifically replicating the Incapacitate effects. Would like to see an “either/or” option, though, for player’s choice to give him a Power action for “effect A” or a Double-Power action for “effect B”.

Cheap? Points-wise, I mean. Rare or higher rarity.

Wonder what WizKids Game Design could do with “regular” versus “Prime” design? “Regular” could be *just* triple-target Incap with Improved Targeting or something.  The Prime could be the AoE piece?

The reason I’m still buying this game is to see oddball characters, designed well. I think we’ve been getting that, generally speaking.

Would love to see this weirdo in the game.