Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: The Tumbler (v1.1)


Tumbler! Okay, so, not that exciting. I first encountered the character in “Captain America” #291. I think there was mention in that issue that this wasn’t the original Tumbler. That one had appeared in the 1960’s. He was new to me at the time.

I love the character of Captain America, of Steve Rogers. Heard via an interview with Chris Evans (on NPR, promoting the new Cap movie) the best description for the character I’ve ever heard: “He’s a good man trying to do good things.” That boils things down to the bones for Cap. Then it’s the layers over that.

One aspect of Cap, though, that I think gives writers a hard time is the “peak human” concept. Steve is not exactly supposed to be “superhuman”, not exactly, but he might as well be. As far as his “natural” (relative) levels of strength, speed, agility, et cetera, Cap is somewhere between Spider-Man (definitely superhuman) and this guy, the Tumbler (normal human of exceptional athleticism and skill).

So, how do you represent this guy? He’s kinda a “derivative” of another Cap foe, Batroc the Leaper.  But, the 52 point Batroc from the CAPTAIN AMERICA set was great for what it did, and was a reasonable representation of Batroc. They could conceivably do something do another, higher point version of Batroc, possibly cresting 100 points.

I guess I’d like to see Tumbler with a dial similar to that Batroc. How to change it up, though? Just a bit? Maybe by “recycling” the some older Special Powers? Like Bouncing Boy’s SP (JUSTICE LEAGUE) —

RICOCHET: Once per turn, if Bouncing Boy KOs an opposing character or hits an opposing character with a critical hit, after the attack resolves he can break away automatically, immediately move up to his full speed value, and make one close combat attack against a different opposing character as a free action.

— or the similar SP of a version of X-Men ‘ s Beast from MUTATIONS & MONSTERS —

BOUNCING BEAST: Beast can use Charge and Leap/Climb. When using Charge, he breaks away automatically and can continue to use the rest of his halved movement (if any) after making the attack.

— which was a darn good 50 point dial. Then there’s always IIM’s Puck —

CARTWHEEL: Puck can use Charge. When Puck moves in a direct path, after his movement ends, if an opposing character occupies the next adjacent square in that path, that character is knocked back 2 squares and Puck may then be placed adjacent to that character.

Plenty of options.