HeroClix “Vivisection”: Giants & Colossal combat abilities. (v1.6)

Stick with me here, because I’d like to rip take apart the combat abilities that Giants and Colossal characters have in the game, look at the “components”. My thought is: “The game might be better seved if the effects were broken up into many individual combat abilities.”

Per the 2014 Powers & Abilities Card (PAC), Giants have access to the “Giant Reach” and “Great Size” combat abilities, while Colossals have access to “Colossal Stamina” and “Great Size”, with a mention that such Colossal characters may come with “special rules”. “Special rules”? Unless we’re talking “scenario specific rules”, sounds like “Traits” to me. Which a  lot of characters have these days.

From the 2014-03 Player’s Guide, an “infographic”:

HC Giants and Colossals Abilities

There’s been some griping on HCrealms.com by players to the effect that, “All Colossals should have Giant Reach too!” I don’t know. For “humanoid” and “tentacled” Colossals, I can agree.

Just as a little “experiment”, I’m going to “bust apart” the various abilities into “new” Abilities. My intent is not to offend; I know WizKids’ Game Design Team and Rules Team work hard on these things. I just want to explore “reducing” these abilities to “individual components” in hopes of making desgin opportunities. As with the “Standard Powers”, going for “modularity”. (That enough “air-quotes” for ya?)

Incredible Mass : This character automatically breaks away and can use {Improved Targeting}{May make a ranged combat attack while adjacent to an opposing character}. This ability can’t be countered.


Uncanny Stamina: When this character has two action tokens, it can be given a non-free action. If you do, after actions resolve deal it 1 unavoidable damage and do not clear action tokens from it at the end of the turn. This ability can’t be countered.


Great Size: This character can use {Improved Movement}{Ignores Elevated}, {Ignores Hindering}, {Ignores Outdoor Blocking}{May move through squares adjacent to or occupied by opposing characters but still needs to break away normally.}, and can’t be knocked back by Characters that are smaller, less than 100 points, and/or not using Super Strength. When this character makes a close combat attack, it may target characters on higher elevations. This character may draw lines of fire (and have lines of fire drawn to it) as if the character occupied the elevation equal to or greater than the elevation it occupies, using the elevation level with the least restrictive line of fire. This ability can’t be countered.

Giant Reach:  When this character is given an action that includes a close combat attack, all squares within a range of 2 and line of fire are considered adjacent. This ability can’t be countered.

Astonishing Inertia: This character ignores opposing characters’ Plasticity and adds 1 to its d6 roll when breaking away.



  • Yeah, I dropped the “can use Carry” from Giant Reach. Doesn’t mean it can’t be included in the matrix for the “Giant” symbol. Or “Colossal” symbol characters, for that matter.
  • Decided to make “Giant Reach” all about the reach.
  • Can you imagine “Tiny” and “Normal” sized characters with “Astonishing Inertia”? They could conceivably be assigned it now via a Trait, using “standardized language.”
  • Can you imagine “Tiny” and “Normal” sized characters with “Incredible Mass”? They could conceivably be assigned it now via a Trait, using “standardized language.”
  • Can you imagine “Tiny” and “Normal” sized characters with “Uncanny Stamina”? They could conceivably be assigned it now via a Trait, using “standardized language.”
  • Like my tweak to Great Size, which includes scaling knock back based on the size of the attacker? Can you now imagine Superman zipping in to knock back Titano? Or Hulk clocking Giant-Man. Galactus slamming Ziran the Tester into a building?

I still have to work out some kinks.

EDIT: PLEASE note that I’m willing to dump the language concerning knock back, if WizKids could revise the core rules concerning Size and knock back. 🙂 Just as I’d hinted at a week or so ago in a post on *exactly* that topic. 😉

EDIT (07 APR 2014):