3D “Character Tokens” in HeroClix, and “eCharacter Cards” (v2.1)

slosh099e(Or, “3D Character Tokens and Character eCards.”)


Over on HCRealms.com, had to take a break from lurking around the “U.S. Politics” forum while reading NPR app news feeds and getting worried about the state of the world and situations that I can’t do anything about anyway. Wandered into the “Dear WizKids” forum. Found two threads: http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=506322 (“Why are toys and spider-bots taking a figure slot, despite the price increase?“) and http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=506171 (“Please reflect errata in Print and Play“).

The former is expressing aggravation at the increase in booster price and the fact that certain “characters” like the “one-click” (or “3D Bystander Tokens”) like the Toyman’s Toys (DC SLOSH) or the Spider-Bots (MV DEADPOOL) or even the “inaugural” Flocks of Bats (DC BATMAN) take up a slot in a 5-piece booster that would otherwise go to a “fully-clixed character”.

I don’t see a way around this. Costs only ever go up, and any business must balance keeping costs in check while passing costs on to the consumer in order to remain profitable. I like the “3D Bystanders” or whatever you want to call them. Is it disappointing that the “have to” take up a “normal character” slot? Yeah. As a consumer, I don’t see what WizKids could be doing differently.

Any suggestions other than “Make if for free!” out there?

The latter thread brings up this idea —

Please reflect errata in Print and Play (By NCR poster “th3f00t”) 

It is great that as a company you folks are interested in maintaining the playability of your game. It shows true grit that you are able to man up and admit that some game elements are out of control, and have a system in place for these mavericks.
The Watchlist saved this game from being Team Bases vs Ghost Rider/Spiral for a long time. Many players, myself included, would greatly appreciate any new official game text to be worked into existing figure card files which could be accessed through your print and play web page. This would be a great PR move and would save the burden of relying on game resources which are not game elements.(the phone-book sized players’ guide is less cool than correct character cards) Shucks, if you guys offered a service whereby a customer could obtain a freshly printed new card on glossy cardstock for $1, you might even be able to help out your neurotic collector fan base (who want correct, official cards on high quality cardstock)while not losing any money on the deal. Please give this consideration.
So. WizKids must devote time to correcting cards. Nailing down the proper wording has to be done by either WizKids’ HeroClix Game Design Team, or by the volunteer “Rules Team” with GD’s final approval. Have I got that right?
Can agree with wanting mistakes corrected and up-to-date cards being made available.
The guy takes it one step further by asking for a WizKids-provided service that’ll print out a card for him and ship it to him for $1 per card.
{face/palm} Manpower diverted, materiel costs for the card as well as the shipping envelope, other shipping costs,… I think it might cost WK more than a dollar.
I get the desire to see corrected physical cards. Tourney play requires players to have the character cards present in order to use special game effects (Traits, Special Powers, et cetera), as well as use keywords. The current Player’s Guides may have the most current language for a character’s SP’s or Traits, but doesn’t include a character’s keywords.
And there are players that badly want to see the “Section 4: Characters Reference” of the HC PG dumped. (I’m not one of them. Although, maybe it should be it’s own document, period, not associated as part of the PG. And include keywords for characters. But, I digress…)
And, of course, WizKids maintains its “Print and Play” downloads area, with downloadable PDF’s for all the character cards for various sets. (Apparently, the original uncorrected cards? Not sure. I reference the PG entries first when I have a question.)
I’ve made the suggestion before for a different service: A WizKids’ designed and maintain app for smartphones and tablets. Made it several times on this blog.
$3.99 or $4.99 purchase, $0.99/month subscription fee.
Offers the opportunity for a “living” set of rules documents, frequently updated.
Offers the opportunity to go from “Print & Play” to “Character eCards”, tourney legal on the device.
Could be combined with the usual “market research” aspects of such applications.
Could include various tournament and inventory/force build tools. (Dovetails with the “market research” aspect above. “What are they buying? What are they keeping?” A chance to ask questions, form surveys.)
Offers a chance for Game Design to quickly make “rebalances”. Adjusting language to game effects, adding keywords, what have you.
Offers a chance to help the consumer enjoy the game.
Offers the chance (wait for it…) for “Ret-Cons” to older game pieces, to help pieces players/collectors paid good money for, to hold value, even as the game advances. “Playability” is a value in this game. No one — NO ONE — wants to pay money for junk.
The physical quality of the game pieces will have to continue to get better, right along with the play of the game itself.
HeroClix is a luxury, and player’s budgets will always be tight.
It’s human nature to want to get the most for the least amount. Since somebody, somewhere has to expend the time, effort and resource to make anything or provide any service, I have a problem with the concept of “freebies”. We want the game to continue? We have to ut up. WizKids has the responsibility then of providing the best product at costs that encourage us to keep buying, yes?
I still want HeroClix with a physical dial to turn. On a tabletop map. No HeroClix OnLine “virtual games” for me.
I want a wide selection of characters, not *just* the “most popular” general audience stuff.
I want to field characters on the map. “Comic Accurate ™” force builds or “Dream Team” line-ups.
And I want versatile tools to help me do that. Quality tools for using quality product, at a reasonable price.
(Can just about hear the Ultra-Consevative “Holier-than-Thou” types talking about the tone of this post, about “I, I, I” and “Me, Me, Me” and “Want, Want, Want”. Kinda part of your beloved views on Capitalism, though, isn’t it? “Judge not lest ye be judged”, right? ….  So? We doing business or what?)