DC Comics HeroClix Ret-Con (COSMIC JUSTICE, 2003): Lex Luthor (v2.1)

EDIT: Originally posted 13 SEP 2011. Revised, reposted.

Lex Luthor.  He’s been portrayed as a battle-suited super-scientist and as a power-suited businessman, and always as a genius who tends towards criminal activities.

The much-maligned Lex Luthor unique from COSMIC JUSTICE (2003), CJ#089 @ 69 points.   “Hailed” as an utter piece of crap on a dial back then.  Looks like he was meant to be a “leader” type.  Too expensive and weak for the role, though.  Even back then. Doesn’t bring enough to the “support/utility” role to justify that 69 points. And such low defense values, coupled with that damage-shunting Mastermind. What’s the Mastermind *really* protecting? Better support/utility pieces could be found for less points, back then and now.

“WizKids giveth, WizKids taketh away,” too. Changes to Leadership and tweaks to the Superman Enemy team ability helped him (marginally), but then later changes to the “operational ranges” of Perplex and Outwit hampered him.

For this version of Lex, COSMIC JUSTICE : What’s the “point” of this piece? Near as I can tell, “support/utility” powers. He’s benefitted somewhat from “tweaks” to both the Leadership standard power and the Superman Enemy team ability.

Ret-ConCJ089 Lex Luthor

Trait “Eminence Grise.”   

At the beginning of the game, choose one friendly character with the {Superman Enemy team symbol} and a point value from 70 points to 150 points. When Lex Luthor targets the chosen character with Perplex, his lines of fire are never blocked and he can target the character anywhere on the map, and he may modify any of the chosen character’s values (except damage) by +2. When Lex Luthor uses Outwit or Perplex, he may draw lines of fire and count squares from the chosen character. When Lex Luthor occupies his starting area, the chosen character may treat Lex Luthor as adjacent for purposes activating the {Superman Enemy} team ability.  Lex Luthor ignores the patsy’s point value when using Mastermind or Leadership.  Lex Luthor may treat the chosen character as adjacent when using Leadership.

Lex is “King”, hanging out in the starting area with a couple of Mastermind-fodder “Pawns/Footsoldiers” for protection, lending help to his chosen “Knight” or “Bishop/Archer” or “Rook/War-Elephant” or “Queen/General” heavy hitter.

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