Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: The Headmen! (v5.5)


EDIT (21 MAY 2014): This post originally “nailed to the door” 13 FEB 2011. Revised and re-posted about once a year. Really, really, really want to see this bunch of weirdos. “Monsters & Villains” set material.

“Headmen mash-up”, which includes the excellent Dave Wachter art —

  • The Headmen are very “collegial” with one another. Something that tends to set them apart from other villainous groups. The seem to genuinely like and respect one another. “Birds of a feather flock together”, I guess. They’re the MENSA of Villainous super-scientists.
  • Dr. Arthur “Gorilla-Man” Nagan, guy who managed to put his own head on the body of some (apparently genetically modified) great ape. So, basically, superhuman strength and agility to go along with his insane brilliance.
  • Ruby Thursday, cutting-edge computer engineer, who (depending on the current writer/creative team, it would seem) either replaced her own head with a plastics-based supercomputer, or simply encased her head within one. (One might assume she was unhappy in some way with her appearance, despite having the body of a super-model.) She can interface with just about any system, and the head can change shape; she’d formed tentacles with them. Freaky. Plus some Force Blast style of energy projection.
  • Dr. Jerry “Shrunken Bones” Morgan, chemist extraordinaire. Accidentally shrunk his own bones, experimenting with Pym Particles (the Marvel Universe’s bit of pseudo-science used to shrink characters). How his brain didn’t shoot out of his ears or his lungs and heart didn’t get crushed is a bit of the old superhero fiction conceit. Big on poison gases, and “transmorgrifying” compounds.
  • Chondu the Mystic. Minor stage magician, apparently with some modicum of psychic abilities. Never really can tell what he brought to the group, except he seems to be regarded as a friend by them all. Hasn’t kept them from using his head for experiments. His noggin has been stuck onto a lot of shit. Obviously, he’s never happy about whatever form he wakes up attached to. For HeroClix, Chondu might be a neat character to see a version of at every level of rarity in a set, each time in a different form with different abilities. His original human form could be a Super-rare, interacting with the team’s abilities much more differently than his more monstrous forms.

I want to see these guys even more now, what with the incredible dial designs WizKids is pumping out. Take a look at this recent Bruce Wayne, previewed for the 2012 BATMAN set —

Great Googlie-Moogly, look at that. Great options for 50 points. (Odd choices with the TK and Barrier, but still, kinda cool.)

Every one of the Headmen I’d like to see done with a two or three option “multiple starting line/split-dial” design. Powerful enough for each to be a Unique. (But, not a “Chase” Unique. Regular rarity levels.)

As far as “inspiration”, I’m hesitant to suggest specific powers. WizKids’ Game Design Team has come up with some awesome and quirky stuff. Would be neat if they had “Elaborate Death Trap” options, for example. Plenty of other existing HC pieces to draw inspiration from: Hugo Strange, Egghead, Dr. Hurt, Johann Schmidt, Arnim Zola, Mr. Sinister, and so on.


Also, before I forget: Also please take a look at my “Wish-List” post for the old “Marvel Monster”, Orrgo. He’s been a “thrall” of The Headmen before, so I suggested there about making him a “team base” for the Headmen, as well as a Colossal in his own right. Maybe Orrgo could have more than one base? Like the X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Sentinels?


Also, “Dear Marvel Editorial”: I don’t read much in the way of comics anymore, but it would seem to me the weirdness of The Headmen remains largely untapped. Also, I think the Headmen would benefit with “collegial associations” with other, just-as-strange Marvel criminal scientists. Doctor Sun and Arnim Zola spring immediately to mind.