Marvel HeroClix “ReClix” Wish-List & Ret-Con (WEB OF SPIDER-MAN, 2010): The U-Foes! (v1.1)

The U-Foes! “Fantastic Four wannabes.” Still, kinda cool. We have them in playable form in HeroClix, but we could use some new versions, sure. I’d buy ’em.

U-Foes RThunderbolts

Main “want” that I’d like to see in new versions: That they each have “multiple starting lines” designs that allow them to be played in some configuration with their previous versions as a 300-point team; as a 300-point team on their own; and as a 400-point team. Need to take that “U-Foes” ATA into account, just as before.

WSM U-Foes stats

Not sure what I’d want to see in new versions, except for Vapor. She needs a variation on the use of Smoke Cloud that incorporates a Poison effect, somehow, maybe similar to CW015 Ant-Man’s “Ant Swarm” special power.

WSM060 Vapor HCHandbook

Maybe Ironclad as well: Depending on the creative team, he’s been depicted as altering his mass (increasing it while not increasing his volume, pinning down the Hulk temporarily), supposedly his density (apparently to float; can’t find the issue he supposedly did this in), and sometimes appearing really large, practically Giant-sized (maybe it’s just the artwork).

WSM016 Ironclad HCHandbook

WSM032 Vector HCHandbook

WSM048 X-Ray HCHandbookA few “Ret-Cons” imbedded into the pictures.