Marvel HeroClix “ReClix” Wish-List & Tinkering: The Brood! (v1.1)

Ah, the Brood. Been a long while since we’ve had any new versions for HeroClix. Since 2007. Since 2003 before that.

No telling what WizKids Game Design and Rules Team could come up with now a days. Multiple starting lines for “Sleazoids” (basic drones/warriors), Queens, and the one-and-only “Brood Empress”. Seeing what WKGD has done with the “Z-Virus” token mechanics, you have to wonder what could be done with “Brood Egg” tokens, “impregnating” opposing characters to eventually add them to your force, or spawn new Brood to add to your force.

I’d imagine the “warriors” as basic attackers. Then you add support for them via the Queens and the Empress. “Brilliant Tactician” style effects are always popular.

If possible, I’d love to see “split-dial” multiple starting line designs, for running Brood characters with or without other Brood characters on the team. For example, the “basic warrior” could have one point cost, two separate starting lines, on the same dial (a la the CA202 Hydra Officers), but one choice offers an “independent fighter” while the other choice offers access to a “Minion” type of special power.

Same with Queens or the Empress: A choice between “fighting solo” designs and “in charge of some troops” designs for play.

(Would like to bring up a suggestion I’ve made before as well: Re-introduction of “Feats”, but as “Character Specific” designs, printed on the character card, designed with that character in mind, an option with an additional point-cost attached in order to allow the character to use it. may have to include restrictions on how many characters can use it during a game. For example, every Queen might have access to a “Contingency Plan” style Feat effect printed on the character card for 12 points, but only one Queen on your force could use it during a game. Choose carefully.)

The Brood, I think, deserve their own ATA as well. I imbedded my attempt at one into the “collage” below. *May* be a might too powerful.