Marvel HeroClix Ret-Con: James “Jamie” Madrox, the Multiple Man! (v1.1)

Usually, these “Ret-Cons” are all about a single character or REV/U/LE run of a single character, from a single set, and usually in the form of an additional, “free” “Ret-Con Trait” added to the character’s suite of powers and abilities, or a “Ret-Con Tweak” to an existing Trait or Special Power. I suppose this counts as more of a “Tweak”. Just want see all versions of this guy get a specific, or “Named” keyword for use on theme teams: “Multiple Man”.

Why? Have more fun with the “theme” or “nature” of the character, regardless of “comic book accuracy”, which in this case is “canon” or “continuity”. It’s assumed that each version of the character we’ve had in the sets in which he was in was from a specific point in the character’s history/development.

HC Multiple Man Mash-UpAlso: “Dear WizKids,”…. Any chance of getting a “first appearance” Madrox? In the “Kirby-esque” suit? The one DC Comics kinda ripped off for later portrayals of their own “Multiplex”? (Which is kinda funny, since when that particular “Firestorm villain” first appeared, he looked kinda like Magneto, what with the helmet and cape combo.) Just wondering.