“1-800-555-HISS” (v1.7)

CA315_CardRan across this today during my lunch hour, while searching for more pictures of various Marvel Comics “Serpent Society”, Serpent Squad”, and [the totally unaffiliated] “Sons of the Serpent” characters. Cobbling together more “Wish-List” collages for future posts, as well as to add to older “Wish-List” posts that could use some better images.

Thought it was darkly funny.

I’m really, really, really hoping that the recent appearances of Anaconda and Constrictor in the Marvel HeroClix DEADPOOL set that there’s more “serpents” on the way. [Yes, I know Constrictor has never been a member of the Society, or any version of the Squads. Just one of the first batch of potential recruits, one of the few to have turned down their invitation and survived.]

Also cool: Reading the synopses of more recent stories involving the SerpSocks.  *sigh* If I hadn’t decided to make HC my primary hobby, I’d be trying to pick up some of those stories. But, limited “entertainment budget”, not a lot of room in my life for such “working-class luxuries”.


(Originally posted (2014-06-05)
UPDATE (2016-04-24): Looks like we’re finally getting more Serpent Society and Serpent Squad affiliated supervillains in this year’s Marvel HeroClix SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN set. Huzzah! (Hope WizKids does the “ID Card” thing for this group. They are highly-organized paramilitary contractors, after all….)