Marvel HeroClix “ReClix” Wish-List & Ret-Con (HAMMER OF THOR, 2009): “The Uranian”/”Marvel Boy” – Robert Grayson (v1.1)

“The Uranian”/”Marvel Boy”, Marvel Comics’ character Robert Grayson.  Wasn’t the first character to be known by the “Marvel Boy” moniker, and wasn’t the last. Always thought “Marvel Boy” was a terrible name anyway, but what could Timely-Atlas-Marvel comics do when Fawcett trademarks and copyrights the name “Captain Marvel” first, right?

Anyway, Robert Grayson’s history is a bit convoluted, no sense going into it here. The only HeroClix version we have so far is the strangely designed HOT007 Marvel Boy from 2009’s HAMMER OF THOR regular booster expansion set. It’s supposed to be Grayson’s more modern “Agents of Atlas” representation, but the sculpt is of his 1950’s “Marvel Boy” era, and the dial design is an under-performing Hybrid of that and his current “The Uranian” persona.

As Marvel Boy in the 1950’s, he straddled the “peak human”/”enhanced human” line, the whole “Greek Ideal” thing of athletic perfection and mental acuity. Add to that, alien technology: a headband granting limited telepathic abilities (“mind-reading”, mostly) and solar-powered wrist-bands that allowed a degree of gravity and light manipulation. By manipulating gravity, he appeared to have greater stamina, could replicate superhuman strength, and could leap great distances or fly. He could emit blinding flashes of light, to incapacitate opponents.

Modern day, the wrist-bands are gone, but “the safeties are off” on the headband’s tech so he has expanded telepathic abilities, as well as a direct interface with his Uranian flying saucer. (That Vehicle deserves its own representation in HeroClix, IMO.)

This HeroClix version is kinda weird. It appears in the same set as Runaways member Chase Stein, whose vehicle, “The Leapfrog”, is represented using Special Powers. Is Marvel Boy’s {Wing} Speed symbol, 8 Range value, and powers like Energy Explosion and Penetrating/Psychic Blast supposed to represent his Uranian flying saucer in someway?

Regardless, the figure underperformed at 102 points, primarily the fault of stats. Its selection of ranged-based powers and the Range value seem to indicate an “aggressive” ranged attacker, also reflected in his cost and rather “soft” defense. But it’s also his high cost and low-ish attack and damage values that suggest that maybe the ranged attacker role was secondary.

So,…. What’s missing?

Was he supposed to be more “support role”? A lot of discussion when the figure came out felt that the “brainy-ness” of the character warranted Outwit or Probability Control or Perplex. No argument there. A couple clicks of any of that upfront on the dial might have meant that 102 point-cost would “go down easier”.

What would help?

Before I get to the “Ret-Con”, I’d like to get the “Wish-Listing” out of the way.

(1) I’d like to see a 1950’s Marvel Boy version of Grayson. His “mind-reading” and “smarts” might be best represented with Perplex and Exploit Weakness. My impression of the character of the time is similar to DC Comics’ Dick “Robin” Grayson: energetic, acrobatic, clever, optimistic. Hand-to-hand fighter, but not a “martial artist” by today’s superhero standards. He’d charge in, sprinting acrobat style, and box and wrestle. His low-end super strength might be best restricted to light standard objects, or knock back effects. Both Force Blast and Incapacitate represent his wrist-bands’ light-bursts and gravity-skewing effects. Flight and/or Leap/Climb is appropriate.

(2) For the modern “Uranian”, although still capable as a physical combatant, uses the expanded telepathic abilities granted by the headband to project Mysterio-level hallucinations/illusions, analyze the crap out of everything and everyone around him, and help support and coordinate the team (Agents of Atlas). I think the 2014 DC Comics SUPERMAN & THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES set’s SLSH048 Tellus is a great example to springboard from. I also have to say that I like the “Minion” power on the Marvel HeroClix CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER “MovieClix” set’s CAWS002 S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier; with a little rework, it’d show how devoted he is to his “framily” in the Agents of Atlas.

(3) Marvel HeroClix needs Vehicles. And the Agents of Atlas need The Uranian’s “flying saucer”. ‘Nuff said. And any version of him, IMHO, should have the “Pilot” keyword.

Now, the Ret-Con.

For the HOT007 “Marvel Boy”, I’m going to both add a “Ret-Con Trait” and do the “Ret-Con Tweak” thing to his existing Special Power. He will still lack “striking power”, but his “support role” will be enhanced. Hopefully, he seems more worth his points now.