Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Bodybag! (v1.1)

Okay, this’ll be an odd HeroClix request for a couple reasons. (1) I don’t know the character that well. I liked Marvel team Excaliber, but I had actually stopped buying the title before it got really strange. I learned about Bodybag years after the fact, reading an article online. (2) I’m not familiar with Excaliber’s adversaries, the TechNet. We have recieved one of thier number, named Gatecrasher, in the Marvel HeroClix GIANT-SIZE X-MEN set (2011), but none since. I think it’d be very cool to get them, just because I like the weirdness, the twists on “aliens & monsters”. [One common request on this blog: a “Marvel Monsters & Villains” themed HeroClix set.] (3) My memory, and resulting “Wish-List” compulsion, happened because of several variations over the past couple of years of a particular, peculiar HeroClix game effect: Capture.


The Capture game effect first appeared in the game with the debut of the first Sentinel “Big Fig” (2003?), tied to the Marvel HeroClix INIFINITY CHALLENGE. Eventually, as the game has evolved, “Big Figs” became “Colossals” and there’s been some “standardizing” of game effects. Variants of Capture abound now.

Here’s just two examples —



Other examples include Marvel HeroClix entries like SECRET INVASION’s (2008) SI042a Captain Mar-Vell and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s (2014) GOTG034 Collector.

Bodybag is “tough” in that he’s kinda resilient. He’s not a straight-up fighter, obviously. He incapacitates a target — a bit of physical grappling combined with spraying them with a “venom” that puts them to sleep — then swallow’s them whole. They end up in “suspended animation”, hibernating in one of three sack that expands out of its back. Obviously, “standard-sized” characters or smaller only [{Burst} and {Tiny} in HC].

He Captures and runs off. So, good speed values, but maybe negative modifiers to speed, -1 per Captive.

Other powers: Incapacitate, Plasticity, *possibly* Poison, and/or special variants of each.