“Marvel HeroPuzzleClixQuest” (v1.2)

“Sega Columns begat Bejeweled, and Bejeweled begat Candy Crush, and Candy Crush begat Marvel PuzzleQuest and its ‘Covers’.”

What’s that? You’ve never heard of “Columns”? On the Sega Game Gear? Pity. I got to play a bit on a friend’s Gear, while everyone else was ga-ga over the Nintendo Game Boy’s Tetris. (Also a great “arcade puzzle game”.)

Fast forward, like, a decade-point-five, and I get hooked on a similar game called “Bejeweled” for awhile, until I “leveled-off” and the game lost its lustre. (I’d actually found the game after it’d gotten “old”.) Later when I bought my first smartphone, I downloaded a version, for — I think — $6.99?

Fast forward again, my sister-in-law shows me thus game on my brother’s family’s iPad: “Candy Crush.” I decide later I like it enough to download an Android version to my smartphone of the time for — I think — $4.99? In the time that I’d had it, I bought a couple of the $1.99 “boosters”, but it was not really worth buying them. CC was a fun time-waster, though.

And then, sometime around mid-September [2014], I was searching for something “less sweet” and more “meat & potatoes, with a bit of California blend [cauliflower, broccoli, carrots] on the side”, found a good review about Marvel Puzzle Quest by a guy I am familiar with from HeroClix and HCRealm.com.

“Hey,” I say to myself, “it’s also *free* to download!” I finally deleted Bejeweled and Candy Crush, installed MPQ. Thus began my descent.

It wasn’t until last week I’d bought anything for the game. Like anyone working through “story mode” I’d drawn some decent characters by luck and in-line with the “Dark Reign” story. But, i decided to buy the “Logan’s Loonies” coin bundle. Pulled some great covers for upgrading my Black Widow (Modern); nothing like having a level 5 “Widow’s Sting” that early in story mode.  Even managed to draw a free 2-star Captain America (Modern) with “Peacemaker”! Didn’t really regret the purchase. But figured I could do okay without spending anything more on the game.


I hadn’t bothered with buying into the “Special Events” and tournaments. Definitely seemed like a “money pit” going that route. I was having fun going back and replaying what now seemed easier bouts to get cheap Iso-8 for level-ups.

“And then,….” And then comes along the “First Avenger: Captain America” tournament and its associated deals. [Face/palm.] I try to be very disciplined with my budget, HeroClix being my only vice. Boy, did the First Avenger deals cut their own chunk out of my HC budget. I got stoopid. Like, “equivalent to three HC bricks” stupid.

Can’t complain. Among a dozen characters in my roster, I still have my 1-star Black Widow (Modern) and 2-star Captain America (Modern). After much hemming-and-hawing, they share space with: 4-star Nick Fury, 3-star Captain America (Steve Rogers), 3-star Falcon, 3-star Hulk, 3-star Black Widow (Grey Suit), 2-star Black Widow (Original), and a few others. One of those others was my prize for finishing in the top 100 in the First Avenger tournament: a 3-star Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius)!

Going to try to not spend anymore on the game for 3 months. Only ever bought Coins anyway; plenty of Iso-8 available in-game, if you have patience and time. Just work on leveling-up.

After 3 months? Begin a “quest” for a Black Panther…..

WizKids: Apps. Good ones. Useful to HeroClixers. Gotta be a way. Playing app-games, but for real, physical prizes, perhaps? Better inventory, gallery, and rules access/presentation a must.

EDIT (2015-09-18): Noticed this post was getting some traffic all of a sudden. Saw a weird error, came in to correct it. Leaving the rest “as is”, but also want to say: I’ve spent way, way more on this PuzzleQuest game than I thought I would. It is great to see the developers constantly tweaking character design and game mechanics, too.

For instance: Captain America (Modern) and Captain America (Steve Rogers) have received “aesthetic name changes to Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Steve Rogers (Super-Soldier), while Falcon (Mighty Avengers) got changed to Sam Wilson (Falcon), paving the way for the recent addition of Sam Wilson (Captain America).

It’s also kinda weird to see D3’s character selection “mirror” NECA/WizKids’ HeroClix selection, and vice versa. For example, four of the Super-Rares in the Marvel HeroClix NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. set seemed patterned not only after recent comic book story appearances of the past few years, but also seem to be referring to the D3 PuzzleQuest game via character card power descriptions. Cool/weird.