Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: The Vulturions (v1.1)

The Vulturions! Not as impressive as the sound! I used to have the original appearances of these guys (and I had the entire run of “Web of Spider-Man”; gave them up to charity [Operation: Comix Relief]). In reading up about them now, looks like they made an appearance during “The Initiative Era” as well.


They’re basically using tech stolen from Adrian “The Vulture” Toomes. “Honcho”, the leader of the group, is the only one with enough tech-savvy to understand the electromagnetic anti-grav harness, or at least how to repair them and keep them running. Naturally, Toomes is not happy when other people are using his tech.

Honcho apparently wasn’t that great of a tech. They may have snazzy flight suits, but they never tricked themselves out with any sort of weaponry better than — get this — blowguns. Not that I expected wing-mounted weapons like Kyle “Nighthwk” Richmond of the Defenders, but would hope for something better than blowguns. Would have been cool if they’d gotten some, I don’t know some Terrible Tinkerer-designed shoulder-mounted weaponry or something. (Think: the alien from the Predator movies.)

I think they’d make a good Common-rarity generic for “street-level” Marvel teams.

I’m going to repost the old Bruce Wayne clix preview from WizKids, as it has a design layout I like; three completely different play-styles on one dial. The whole group — the original 5, or the more recent 3 — could be represented on one dial, with the team configured anyway the player desired. (No, I’m not saying I want to see the exact same dial. Just an example of the “split-dial” design technique.)