Marvel HeroClix “ReClix” Wish-List: The Shroud (v20.1)

EDIT (2014-11-02): Originally posted 2010-05-05. It recycled a key idea for the character from two previous blogs I’d had (used to experiment with this whole “blog thing” on MySpace and Blogspot, before eventually ending up at WordPress) We finally recieved the Shroud in 2013’s Marvel HeroClix set, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. It is EXCELLENT.

But…. I’m reworking and reposting this because I’d still like to see the “Battlefield-Condition-card-as-a-Clix” version I originally proposed.

YES, the version we got is a whole heapin’ helpin’ of awesome. One commentor over in the HCRealms UNITS section hit the nail solidly on the head: “Plays exactly like a combination of Cloak and Batman. Excellent.” (by spider_ham)



Was rummaging through one of my binders last night [2010-05-04].  I save my blog entries as PDF documents, and occasionally I print them out.  I ran across an old, old (2007) post to a long-deleted blogspot blog about an obscure Marvel Comics character, The Shroud.  He’s one of a few Marvel characters derided as an “obvious Batman knock-off” but I rather like the character.  I’ve only read his appearances in the 1980’s West Coast Avengers title, and I don’t think I’ve seen the character pop up in a while.  (During Civil War, maybe?)  I think he first appeared in a Marvel Team-Up title.

Anyhoo, my ‘amateur design’ attempt had a Special Power co-opting the language of the Deep Shadows battlefield condition card, with the area of effect being an 8 or 10 square radius from the character (I couldn’t decide), to represent the mystical “smoke” he generated.  I had recognized that he was a “martial artist” type character, but that he was not as capable as Shang-Chi or Bronze Tiger.  He relied heavily on his darkness power.  He was also blind, having instead a mystical, psychic sensory power, à la, Daredevil’s “radar sense.”

My other notes show me I ended up with a 6-click dial, first half having the Special Power and Super Senses, and the back half having Combat Reflexes and Smoke Cloud.  Slightly above average defense but more average movement, attack, and damage values and no range.  He was all about providing a disrupting effect on the board, he wasn’t a primary attacker.

I don’t know if I’d want to give him a Trait.  Maybe make the Deep Shadows effect Trait-based?

Anyway, I’d lie to see him in the game.  Too much to hope that we’d get him in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN?


EDIT (19 MAR 2013): Yep, apparently it was too much to hope he’d be in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN. And in 2013’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. And any Marvel Comics set in between. *sigh*.

In 2012’s CHAOS WAR set, we were treated to CW#039 Thor and his “Battlefield Condition”-style damage slot special power, SUMMON ASGARDIAN BLIZZARD: Characters with the {standard damage} or {tiny size} symbol can’t target characters 7 or more squares away. Modify all other characters’ speed values by -2 if they begin an action within 6 squares of Thor.

Lot in there to like, and could be used to represent The Shroud. Just sayin’.


EDIT (2014-11-02):

So, here’s the 2014 Marvel HeroClix DEADPOOL version, in “collage” form, then some of the other pictures. —

DP046 Shroud Rules Arcanum The_Shroud_Mash-Up


As Marvel’s “Cinematic/TV Universe” continues to grow, I hope The Shroud makes it in.