Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Aegis of the New Warriors (v1.1)


Trey “Aegis” Rollins. Some conflicting info on this young Marvel Comics superhero. I’m not that familiar with him, myself, as he first started appearing when I was getting well out of regular purchasing of comics. Encountered his “image” first, by way of the “fan art” of a guy that goes by the internet handle of “Ronnie Thunderbolts”. Have read up on him here and there since. I like HeroClix’ “character variety”, and he’s a cool “street-level” hero. He has no superpowers himself, but seems naturally very athletic, and started out teaching himself (apparently) some combo of martial arts and parkour. What sets him apart from other “street-level heroes” is his breastplate armor, an ancient relic he found, granting him the ability to generate force fields.

Sources seem to disagree a bit on what he can do with these force fields. What they agree on: He has to be aware an attack is coming, indicating some degree of concentration is involved, affecting the level of “Impenetrability“. Special Power or Trait potential: he always has a “baseline” of Toughness, and can manipulate that based on taking actions. “Free action” upgrades him to Invulnerable and replaces his defense value with one that’s one point higher, which lasts until his controller’s next turn. “Power action” results in Impervious and a replacement defense value of 2 points higher than his printed value until he’s cleared  tokens. “Double power action” grants Invincible or Impervious (player’s choice), a replacement defense value three higher than his printed value, and use of Defend.

Otherwise he’s an athletically, acrobatically mobile and competent hand-to-hand fighter of otherwise normal human limitations. Might want to oscillate between Leap/Climb and Sidestep. Steady defense, attack, and damage values. Combat Reflexes, maybe. Plasticity, maybe. Annoyingly resilient “tie-up” rather than “damage dealer” kind of martial artist.

May need to be a Unique.

Aside: Would be kinda cool if he became another one of Marvel’s “shield-bearers”. I could see him using a modern-construction Greek hoplon shield (the style of Captain America’s shield, though usually a bit larger).

Hoplite troop with Hoplon shield

“Weird Image of the Day” while searching for images of shields (not familiar with this story, if it indeed exists; may be a gag):