Wish-List: Marvel’s “Diablo” (1960’s monster) (v2.2)

EDIT (2014-11-15): Originally posted 2011-09-26, and was more about the GSX Colossal characters, what I’d like to see, with “Diablo, Smoke-Monster from the 5th Dimension” as an example of what I’d like to see. Reworked, reposted to focus on getting Diablo as a Colossal in a “Marvel Monsters & Villains” themed set. (Because it’s always worth a try.)

“Diablo! Demon from the 5th Dimension!” A Marvel character from the 1960’s, when they were still doing a lot of “monster comics”, before superheroes became big again. Only ever read about this character, never read any of his sparse appearances over the decades.

He’s supposedly a member of whole species of gaseous lifeforms that live in another dimension. The”monster comics” of the 1950’s and 1960’s seemed to recycle the same formula over and over: Big monster, invades Earth all by its lonesome, some “clever trick” (portrayed as clever, but usually some silly, nonsensical solution) by an allegedly quick-witted human sends the monster fleeing Earth in terror, foiling the “invasion”, with the monster to never be seen again.

So why do I want to see it in HeroClix?

Might as well back up, toss some stuff out there, on how I think he should be “ret-conned” in the comics. So, since the company of MArvel Comics exists in the fictional Marvel Universe (appropriately enough, pumping out “official accounts of actual superhuman events” as comic books), take this tact: The story in Tales of Suspense #9 should never have happened. It was just a story in a comic, “inspired” by sightings of some sort of “smoke-monster” elsewhere. “Diablo” should probably be tied to Marvel’s other character bearing that name:   Esteban Corazón De Ablo, a.k.a. Diablo, a mystic/alchemist. The “smoke-monster” could have been one of his creations, some minor demon or another, or maybe an “elemental spirit”, or maybe a former human minion, bound to this mortal plane in the way magic tends to get used in these fictional environments. Dunno. YMMV.

Although this version of Diablo is supposed to be a member of an alien race and using advanced technology, he was yet another gargantuan menace created and published during the Cold War. Whatever “Red Scare” elements there are to the character, I can’t shake the thought that part of him represents chemical weapons, or maybe pollution of some sort.


HEROCLIX: To that mix, then, I’d like to see a return of sorts of the “Battlefield Condition”, but not in card form.  I’ve tossed this idea out before, of having characters be the source of map-wide game effects similar to the old Battlefield Condition cards. The effect wouldn’t be counterable. You want to get rid of the effect, you K.O. the character. Limitations could be that it has to be activated using a double power action, but after that it’s in effect until the character’s demise.

For Diablo, it’s gotta be the old “Deep Shadows” BFC: Treat all non-blocking terrain as hindering terrain for line of fire purposes. Characters with range values greater than 6 have range values of 6 instead, and range values can’t be modified to a value more than 6. All powers, abilities, and effects able to effect characters more than 6 squares away instead affect characters up to 6 squares away.

Now, he has been shown at different sizes. So, maybe the WizKids Design Team could at least get a us a version in a regular booster set that’s a Giant character, that (like a certain version of Groot) can become a Colossal during the game. Maybe even tie that into the above “Double-Power Action BFC” idea.

Would prefer the 2×2 base for him, though. I’d like to see him with some un-Outwittable/uncounterable version of Invincible (maybe Traited?), and a really long dial. The kicker here is that his stats could be really poor. Easy to hit — all you have to do, basically, is wave your arms — but hard to hurt. Still susceptible to Pulse Wave. Using a special power or Trait as a *limitation*, maybe he could be susceptible to Force Blast; he’d never be knocked back, but the die roll translates to damage instead?

He should have Poison, maybe tied to a action-related penetrating or unavoidable damage effect. And of course he should have Smoke Cloud, maybe tied to the Poison effect, maybe able to place more than 6 markers. Maybe Stealth. Maybe end-dial Regeneration. Maybe Phasing/Teleport or even Plasticity.

In keeping with him being a kind of “scenario unto himself”, at least a 300-point value, Unique-ringed.