Ret-Con: Captain America (IC) (V2.2)

EDIT (2014-11-16): This particular post originally “nailed to the door” on 2014-05-01. Reworking, reposting. See below for reasons.


SO. Decided some months ago to remove some of the “Ret-Cons” I’d done from the main blog and give them each their own separate page. And then, some months later, didn’t like what I’d done. *shrugs*

Yeah. So. Started re-posting a lot of those a while back. This post was put up on 2014-05-01. It is of my favorite Marvel superhero, Captain America, and of his first — and so far worst — incarnation in the game of HeroClix. I’ll try to minimize some of my terrible didactic pontificating and strained rationalizations, both about this fictional character, and about my justifications for this homemade “Ret-Con Trait”. Try to make it “short and sweet”, as well as why I’m reposting it.

The RCT for the Marvel HeroClix INFINITY CHALLENGE (2002) Rookie, Experienced, Veteran, and Unique versions has changed many times over the years. The latest that this post represents is a departure from previous versions of the RCT, in that I gave up on focusing on the “close combatant” part of the super-soldier. I instead drew inspiration from a certain Department of Defense term I first heard back when I was in the army during the 1990’s: “Force Multiplier.” From the Wikipedia entry: Force multiplication, in military usage, refers to an attribute or a combination of attributes which make a given force more effective than that same force would be without it. The expected size increase required to have the same effectiveness without that advantage is the multiplication factor. For example, if a certain technology like GPS enables a force to accomplish the same results of a force five times as large but without GPS, then the multiplier is five. Such estimates are used to justify an investment cost for force multipliers. A force multiplier refers to a factor that dramatically increases (hence “multiplies”) the effectiveness of an item or group.”


So, the revised Homemade “Ret-Con Trait”: “Force Multiplier” If this character is the only character on your force with this name and set symbol, it has the following abilities. This character can use {Improved Movement}{Ignores Characters}{Ignores Hindering Terrain}. When this character uses Leadership, it succeeds on a roll of 4 to 6 instead, and is considered to be twice its point value when removing a token from a character that shares a keyword or team ability symbol. Instead, give this character a double power action to use Leadership as a free action; the result of the roll becomes 6, it may treat friendly characters within 3 squares and line of fire as if they were adjacent, and it may also give an action token to an adjacent opposing character of 150 points or less.

And, yes, I admit I may have “overdone it” with the RCTs to this version of Captain America. “Fanboyism.” A chronic affliction. But, hey, “unique-by-name” conditional effects, and a “double power action” option that’s worth it.

SIDENOTE: Jumped on to the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” game bandwagon on my smartphone. Giddy as heck to get a Captain America (Modern), and worked him all the way up to Level 36 (with a 3/5/5), until the developer of that game ran a Captain America focused event. I then bought covers, landed a Captain America (Steve Rogers), and then got *really obsessive* about the game for a while. Steve’s been maxed-out at Level 166 (also 3/5/5), and been my “workhorse” (“warhorse”?) since, key in winning matches so I could level up other characters. I wish he worked better with my Falcon (Mighty Avengers; currently Level 110, with 4/4/5) and Black Panther (currently Level 101, with 4/2/5), but he is working really well with Nick Fury (Director or S.H.I.E.L.D., at 2/5/4) and The Hulk (Indestructible, at 3/5/2). Still, the fact that he’s a “Gold” version of the Modern Cap kinda irks me. They should change the powers for each version. Maybe same names, but different effect. Specifically, would be nice if Modern Cap’s countdown tiles created Strike or Attack tiles instead. Would make that version work better with Falcon, and be worth the time to return to leveling him up. IMO. YMMV.