Ret-Con: Medusa (CT095; v2.5)

Medusa OHOTMUDE 2Queen Medusa of the Inhumans

EDIT (2014-12-30): Reworking this post a bit, and reposting, In 2014, we received two new versions of Medusa, with the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY set and its related INHUMANS Fast Forces pack. Have been all over the place with the “Ret-Con Traits” over the years. I’ve left those at the bottom of the post. I’ve removed all of the “ReClix Wish-List” stuff, though.

MV HC Medusa Stat Tower w RCT


Also, wanted to put up for comparison the “knock-off” of Medusa created by Marvel Comics’ “Distinguished Competition” DC Comics, Godiva, of the “Global Guardians!

BM029 Godiva


EDIT (29 NOV 2012): “Collage” added.


So, attempting once again to help out ye olde 57-point CT Unique, make it “worth” that unique ring in the modern era, with the following convoluted “Ret-Con Trait” ability: “…Like Tentacles.”: When another friendly character that shares a keyword with Medusa is on the map, modify Medusa’s defense by +1 if not already modified by this effect; instead, modify Medusa’s +2 if that friendly character’s name is Black Bolt.  If the result of a successful attack made by Medusa is doubles, instead of causing knockback, you may instead place the target opposing character in any square adjacent to Medusa in which it may legally be placed.

Yeah, I need to refine that language. “Clunky”. Untested.


EDIT, 07 AUG 2011:  Originally posted this on 11 MAR 2012. Changes to the rules in 2011 required tweaking of the Trait language, so I changed it up instead.  It was originally meant to mimic the “Giant Size” combat ability, but the rules update this year has divided “Giant’ abilities into “Giant Size” and “Giant Reach”.  Decided to change up pretty much completely. Challenge with her (as with pretty much all of the Ret-Cons) is making sure she is “worth her cost” in some role on the team, and worth having that Unique silver ring.  🙂

Medusa! Marvel “heroine”, Black Bolt’s queen and thus a member of the Inhumans’ royal family. The woman with the psychokinetic control over her own hair. A Kirby/Lee creation, with all the quirkiness thereof.  Her only HeroClix incarnation so far was as a Unique in CLOBBERIN’ TIME (2003).  Not well thought of back then.  Considered “o.k.” now, if used on a theme team and “buffed up” with the Stunning Blow feat card.

She *should* be a competent secondary attacker, at least.  Would rather run: Falcon (Vet SIN#057); Dr. Light (Rookie CD#064); Rorshach (WM#001).

So, her offbeat power set: Slight superhuman abilities, as with most all Inhumans (greater reaction time, endurance, resilience and strength), plus the psychokinetic ability to control, warp, and stretch her super-strong hair.  I think — properly braced — she can lift like one ton with her hair.  Plus stretch it to triple its normal length (I want to say ‘normal’ length is 6 or 7 feet).  She has used her hair as whips, multiple whips; as with real whips, the tips snap at speeds at or beyond the speed of sound.  She entangles opponents as well.

Homemade Trait: “… Like tentacles.”  When given a move action, Medusa ignores the effects of terrain and characters on movement.  Medusa ignores opposing characters’ Stealth.  Medusa modifies her defense value by +1 against ranged attacks.

She may still be a secondary attacker for her points, by she has more versatility and can do a little “Stealth-busting” now.  Hopefully worth her “Unique-ness”.


***EDIT (23 NOV 2012)***:

Original “Ret-Con” Trait from 11 MAR 2010 (pulled via’s great “Restore” and “draft tracking” features)–

Homemade Trait: “… Like tentacles.” Medusa may treat target opposing characters within two squares as if they were adjacent for purposes of Plasticity and close combat attacks, as long as she is at the same elevation and not blocked by another character, blocking terrain, or walls.

So, there’s the initial “Ret-Con” Trait attempt, cribbed some of Giant Size ability language of the time, and added some strict qualifiers.